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... Hi everyone, I started drinking PURPLE GRAPE JUICE (Welch's) last fall and have probably averaged about (3) large glasses a day. I started feeling unusually tired a few months back. I have seasonal allergies and I snore, but I read that DARK GRAPE juice can have a great affect on one's iron level and could possibly cause anemia. I am wondering if anyone has had a problem... (1 replies)
... I've been trying to figure this out for awhile. My mother is semi-anemic, and she was telling me that I probably am too. I already do have low blood pressure and allergies as well, so everything mixes up and I can't tell. Sometimes I feel like really really tired even if it was a day of doing nothing. And sometimes if I excercise I get real dizzy and the lights seem overly... (7 replies)
... so they said I was anemic.. but when I read up on it online they keep saying that to be anemic your mcv and ferritin should be off too, and mine are normal... ... (0 replies)

... Back to normal as in pre-anemic? That would probably be too much to ask! I'm assuming you mean back to how you felt before the infusion... Just wanted to let you know that I have had a positive ANA before (2X, in fact) and nothing ever came of it. Further testing by rheumatologists did not find an autoimmune disorder. I hope the same happens for you. Have you been... (19 replies)
... "Minimal Anemia with no change". That's my Internists current diagnosis. Iron, ferritin, TIBC, B12 are all within the normal ranges. No past history of health problems other than Vitamin D deficiency which is now normal. Am a "healthy" semi-active male, 46 yrs old. Annual checkup in March (03/11) indicated (moderately)low WBC count (3.7), return CBC test 1 month later... (2 replies)
... yrs now. I told them my Mom had a hysterectomy at 45 for fibroid cysts and heavy periods and she was anemic until she had her hysto, never again after that. ... (10 replies)
... Ever since I was a baby, my hemoglobin has been slightly low. My mom was told to increase my iron rich foods. However, out of all 8 of her children, I was the only one with this issue. My childhood/adolescence was spent always feeling tired, getting headaches, and feeling detatched and out of it. I always seemed to suffer with vertigo, though I just learned of what... (6 replies)
... Hi all I was dx with Iron Def anemia back in July. I was dx by a hematologist. I was feeling fine. I had no symptoms of iron def. Yet, back in July my ferritin was at an 8, my hemoglobin was low, hematocrit was low, RDW-CV was high, sat rate was low, TIBC was high. Serum iron was fine at 65. I still get monthly periods. I am 43 and my periods are now closer together and... (2 replies)
... Hi littlebunnyfoo - sorry to hear that this is all getting you down. I went through bouts of depressive states off and on and especially after i got my test results after the iron injections. It's such a blow when you get your hopes up, only to find that your ferretin hasn't moved or even worse, has gone down. At a ferretin of 19 i'm sure you will still be suffering a lot... (18 replies)
... My anemia got diagnosed only because my very astute therapist said "go get a bloodtest, just to rule out a physical problem" and lo and behold, I was low in iron and becoming anemic (my ferritin was at 4, which means practically no storage). My hair was falling out and I was semi-depressed and having anxiety symtoms, which is why I went to see the therapist in the first... (9 replies)

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