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... Hi, can someone help me understand my 5 year old daughter's blood results. I am concerned by the serum iron and saturation values as they seem so far outside of the reference range. Looking at her values as a whole, what does it all mean? ... (3 replies)
... Healthy or normal serum iron values depend on your gender. Normal serum levels for men range from 76 to 198 micrograms of iron per deciliter. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I just have my serum iron, TIBC tested to find out the reasons of low Ferritin, following is the result Serum Iron 8.8 (9.0-27.0) umol/L TIBC 38.1 (40.8-76.6) umol/L And my Ferritin tested one month ago was also low Ferritin 34.2 ug/ml (6-159), VB12 245pmol/l (156-672) So What type of Anemia I have? Normally, if someone is lack of iron, he/she would not have... (12 replies)

... TIBC without UIBC is ok. Just subtract your serum iron from TIBC, and you'll get your UIBC level. ... (4 replies)
... Hi cutejenny77 I will do my best to answer your questions.... It is great you eat lots of meat/seafish sa they contains large amounts of B12 esp sardines B12 is only available in animal products....... But your not going to get folate you get this from your greens like broccoli,beans peas sprout legumes, liver (which I wouldnt eat these days) rice ,barley, wheatgerm to... (12 replies)
... seafish, so I think that is why my serum folate is so high. ... (12 replies)
... Thomas75-- Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)-Is Transferrin which is a protein that carries iron in the blood. (TIBC)- Is the serum iron + the unbound iron capacity of the serum. (UIBC)-Is the portion of transferrin that is not bound to iron. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (4 replies)
... my ferritin above 65. I recently had the heaviest period of my life so was told to increase iron tablets to 3 a day. However, my total iron binding capacity and serum iron have come back normal. I don't know what my ferritin is and am asking to have it done again. ... (3 replies)
... chis--Welcome to the boards!:wave: I don't know what condition that you have that is raising your iron levels, I can explain some things to you that may help you understand what results you should be looking for. (4 replies)
... I am 50 and still have periods but very heavy for the last year. I'm wondering what these blood results mean. Iron, Total 251 normal is 40-160 TIBC 379 normal is 250-450 Transferrin Saturation 66 normal is 15-50% Ferritin 14 normal being 10-232 So my serum iron is very high and also transferrin saturation is high I know that the iron... (4 replies)
... High MCV indicates the red cell is bigger, and low TIBC does not indicate iron defficiency, but probably folate or B12 defficiency. but low Ferritin does indicate iron defficiency... ... (12 replies)
... High MCV indicates the red cell is bigger, and low TIBC does not indicate iron defficiency, but probably folate or B12 defficiency. but low Ferritin does indicate iron defficiency... ... (12 replies)
... but isn't my Tibc supposed to be normal or above normal if my serum feritin is low? ... (0 replies)
... Does anyone knows if it's possible for TIBC to be 43? ... (0 replies)
... I don't really know what those numbers are but my iron last check was 50 and very well within normal. You should ask your doctor what they mean or google it. Was this test done since you started taking iron? AFter you have been on iron awhile it should start heading to normal unless you're losing blood in some way. Or, you may not be taking enough iron. If you are taking a... (3 replies)
... Waiting on the current hemoglobin number. I knw I have anemia but the iron serum and saturation numbers have dropped since last blood check in December. Any insight please. ... (3 replies)
... I'm wondering what the difference is between Ferritin, Serum Transferrin, and Transferrin Saturation(iron saturation)? In addition to Ferritin and %Transferrin(iron) Saturation(from TIBC), I also had my Serum Transferrin tested (not knowing if there was a purpose/benfit to knowing this). Insight anyone? Thanks! (0 replies)
... the saturation value heavily relies on serum iron value, so same issue with it. ... (3 replies)
... As the uMMA should be accesible if not the serum MMA test should be although it is not as sensetive as the urine testing......... ... (12 replies)
... Thanks guys. My specialist rang me up and said its not your iron that is making you ill because serum iron and TIBC are normal. He told me to go back for more tests. When I put the phone down I though, hmmm, could that be because I'm on iron tablets. ... (3 replies)

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