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... ologist tested my iodine last year and found me to be deficient and i took a course of liquid iodine and a couple of months or so after that is when i noticed my shedding had stopped for an entire month. After that my shedding began again and my iodine was not looked at and i didn't notice the link till much later. ... (36 replies)
... That's odd about your hair shedding from different sides of your head according to your meds being too high or low. I've never heard of that before. My shedding is always uniform. ... (80 replies)
... I just read over on the thyroid board that someone's doctor said that hair shedding can be attributed to TSH levels fluctuating up and down. Once the TSH stabilises so does the hair shedding. ... (80 replies)

... wonder i was losing so much hair. It's slowed in the last couple of months, but it has done that in the past during the coldest part of winter and then resumed shedding once the weather hotted up. Very unusual that it stops during winter. Will see what happens once we get into spring. ... (80 replies)
... that i was WAAAAAAY out and they automatically diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I've likely been living with this for God knows how long and i've been shedding abnormal amounts of hair since 2001. ... (13 replies)
... nting until it passed out of my body, which then contributes to other side effects. I never knew this was possible. This is the reason my doctor believes i was shedding so much hair continuously. Is your hair shedding at an abnormal rate? ... (23 replies)
... e side effects. My gp at the time discounted that and said that my hair loss couldn't be from the medication. At the time i thought it was simply seasonal hair shedding as that was when the very first signs of "more hair shedding than normal" was beginning to occur. ... (7 replies)
... A ferretin of 17 might show you as being withing the "range", but it's not something you should dismiss and you should actually try to boost it higher. I don't know how you feel, but while my ferretin was below 35 i felt tired all the time, lacked motivation, my eyes were always burning, puffy and very dark circles, i shed so much hair i could have started making men's toupes... (7 replies)
... Thanks! If I took all of that at the same time my stomach would kill me. I will be trying the Lysine. Good luck with the hair shedding too! I'm back to the normal fall out so I'm not too worried about that anymore however, I would like it to stop. My hair has been shedding for at least 20 yrs. ... (12 replies)
... has improved, so has my thyroid and i'm taking supplements for the vitamin D and iodine as well as continously taking iron supplements. I know my hair wont stop shedding until my ferretin gets much higher, some doctors say it has to get to 70, while others say over 40. ... (11 replies)
... at people who have been low in ferretin for a lengthy period of time can end up with their thyroid progressively moving from good to bad. Thyroid can cause hair shedding as well as the tiredness, among other things. ... (28 replies)
... I'm not shedding on my pillows or anything, its heaviest when I shower, losing close to 30 hairs during that time. ... (3 replies)
... I have Hashimotos and my doctor said the same thing, that it could initially cause hair shedding but that should stabalize. ... (80 replies)
... Hi There, I recently had some blood work done to determine whether or not low iron is contributing to my excessive hair shedding. My Dr. told me everything appeared "normal" but I am unsure of how to decipher the results, and am wondering if they are indeed normal or if my results are low. Any advice you can offer is much appreciated. Hematology Panel WBC - 7.5... (3 replies)
... Eyebrow hairs shedding from the outer edges of your eyebrows is a symptom of hypothyroid. ... (2 replies)
... My thyroid doctor put me on the enzymes after i completed a stool analysis test which showed that i was not digesting proteins well, but was digesting fats and carbs very well. I'm on a prescription only type of enzyme called Creon Forte. It's made in Germany and they use enzymes from pigs pancreas. Pigs really do come in handy, the more i read up on various things the... (9 replies)
... Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - when i visited the Trichologist for my hair shedding, before i knew of the Hashimoto's, he checked my selenium levels via a blood test and it came up that they were good. when i visited my thyroid doctor later on, he put me on selenium drops and i told him my selenium levels were ok. He then went on to say that blood tests of selenium were not accurate and... (21 replies)
... as i was shedding hair from a combo of low ferretin and my undiagnosed thyroid condition. His name is Dr Tony Pearce and you can read about him on the net. ... (8 replies)
... I've also heard from people over on the thyroid board that doctors have said if your TSH moves up and down constantly you will keep shedding hair until the TSH stabilises. My TSH was alway going up and down and my T4 and T3 were low, but not big time low, yet they still affected my overall health. ... (36 replies)
... littleopihi - i can totally understand where you are coming from and also know what it's like to go through that roller coaster of good days where you become a bit more positive, then you fall way down and get depressed and have a cry over it all. I also went through a seperation and had a lot of marital issues prior to my hair starting it's shedding. I at one time thought... (36 replies)

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