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... If your multivitamin contained iron, it would make the serum iron results elevated. Otherwise, it could have to do with the meal you ate the day before, etc. Serum iron levels are really volatile and I really don't think many doctors pay attention to them any more. They will either use your ferritin or the %Saturation levels. You raise your ferritin levels (iron stores)... (5 replies)
... Just an update, my ferritin is now 44. ... (7 replies)
... The ferritin is always low and TIBC always high, etc. ... (1 replies)

... The lack of a period is suspicious, but I would not start iron until your doctor tells you to because iron can be toxic and you aren't shedding blood on a monthly basis as you should. ... (4 replies)
2 month check up
Sep 12, 2008
... Ferritin can cause has for me. I have a reduction in shedding since being on iron. Still not normal, but much better. At last check, my ferritin was a 16...but that was an increase from 1. ... (4 replies)
... I felt better on the 30th day after the infusion(the 2nd infusion that was the all day infusion ). I recall looking at the calendar the 1st day I felt better and it was exactly 1 month after the infusion. My numbers were much lower than yours so hopefully it won't take as long for you! I am unable to take any iron by mouth without a complete GI catastrophy! I hope you are... (10 replies)
... I feel very tired, my hair is shedding and I am pretty down. ... (10 replies)
... Im 1 week out from a simular INFeD Infusion (4 hour infusion). My stats were Ferritin 4, Iron Sat 3%, Hemo & Hema were low as were Red & White counts... Last week I had crappy side effects starting 48 after infusion. I came home expecting muscle aches and headaches, instead I had HORRIBLE taste in my mouth (like I brushed my teeth 4-5 times a day to try and knock it down),... (2 replies)
... Having insufficient B12 and Vit D can cause thyroid and other problems. Fortunately your ferritin is good at 77. I wouldn't believe your hair shedding is from your iron stores. It's most likely hormonal due to thyroid or other hormones. ... (9 replies)
... es we do appear to have a lot of the same issues, but i believe it's linked to the Hashimoto's. My thyroid doctor and my previous trichologist i saw for my hair shedding both said that thyroid suffers, particularly when its an autoimmune related disease, appear to suffer so many identical issues. ... (12 replies)
... This is very different for everyone. My hair has always done a little shedding throughout the years. I was probably Hypo at the time and never knew it. ... (12 replies)
... I never knew i had the fibroid and didn't know my ferritin was low. I did have hair shedding and messed up cycles. I went to a naturopath as my doctor was no help. The herbs have made my cycles regular and my periods lighter. ... (6 replies)
... As far as your hair goes, when my serum iron was really low my hair was shedding a lot. By the time my ferritin hit 20 it slowed way down, and my serum iron was much higher by then. This is also different for each person. ... (2 replies)
Dizziness worse
Apr 13, 2009
... ng in there, these things take time and i know how wearing it can get. I wanted to give up so many times and simply just give in, but seeing how much hair i was shedding forced me to not quit just as much as the great help and support i got from posters on here. ... (12 replies)
... i dont think hemoglobin and ferritin issues cause our hormonal disturbances. At least i've never come across information of that sort. ... (78 replies)
... Finally, after looking at my own test results for the last 7 years, and discovering my ferritin was down to 18 many years ago, I asked that it be retested in June, which was 26. And then I asked it be retested again in September and it was only 12. ... (8 replies)
... How does ferritin get raised? ... (5 replies)
... is your hair still shedding or has it slowed? ... (18 replies)
... Bunny, I wouldnít worry about your B12 or your folate. Iím being treated for a B12 deficiency and have managed to get it up to 1200 (200-1100 pg/mL). This makes me very happy! I was concerned when I first learned my folate was >24 (normal is >5.4), but my doctor said itís because Iím a vegetarian and itís a good thing. My hair has been shedding like crazy for months, but... (14 replies)
... My latest labs after taking iron slow fe for 2 months...colonsopy, endoscopy and celiac testing were all normal. iron 48 ferritin 19 no wonder my hair is still shedding... other concerns of mine (primary doc is not concerned though)... High b12 at 1005 (220-700) High folate at >18 (2.2-18) are these levels cause for alarm - I don't take any vitamins to make them... (14 replies)

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