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Nov 27, 2008
... not clear enough. Although it is not as bad as it could be, it is not good!! Some people come on here and are very scared, don't know what the severity of there anemia is so I tell them exactly. Anemia symptoms DO NOT always correlate with the HGB value. ... (8 replies)
... would also feel anxious. I hate that feeling, and I'm not an anxious person by nature, but when the anemia symptoms are bad, I do start to feel anxious. ... (10 replies)
Anemia Symptoms
Jun 8, 2006
... hey "whathaveigot", I have the same symptoms!! strange huhhh, yeahh, itz anaemia, we have iron deficiency! ... (8 replies)

... I became anemic a little over a year ago. I had symptoms of MS and was also referred to a Neurologist. ... (5 replies)
... around 400 CAN present symptoms although docs say 200 is normal. Craving strange non food substances and hair loss are related to iron. ... (48 replies)
Jul 26, 2008
... When I had a period and 2 ferritin I felt like I had jelly legs and a very strange head feeling at one point. I was unable to go to a store or out for a year. ... (6 replies)
Mar 12, 2009
... c. It was going on for a while to get to a 2 ferritin, but you still caught it in time. This can go on for a long, long, time. The longer it goes on the less symptoms you experience until you hit bottom that is because your body adjust for it and compensates. People that have a sudden blood loss experience bad symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... I have been DX'd for 3 years. My symptoms have only been fatigue but nothing too bad. I would take a nap at lunch sometimes and return to work. I didn't think anything of it though. ... (34 replies)
... I start getting some strange symptoms, that I think may point to anemia. ... (2 replies)
Anemia Insomnia
Oct 28, 2010
... Tired and frustrated. Know *exactly* what you mean. Poor sleep is one of the biggest issues I'm experiencing with anemia. I do take sleeping pills, and they don't help much, so I can't say I'd recommend trying them. (10 replies)
... I still have symptoms that they can't give me answers other than anxiety dx back when I went to the Neuro. That also was incorrect but what can you do. ... (48 replies)
... Hi I have come by this site by accident but hope that some one has had a similar exerience with anemia. When I first was diagnosed with anemia one the symptoms included a strange one (bloated abdomen - really bloated like I'm 4 months pregnant) has anyone experienced this? Dramatic weight loss was another one and I'm having real difficulty getting over thrush (of... (1 replies)
Anemia Insomnia
Oct 26, 2010
... I've been searching this anemia board for days now but I can't find any specific post on dealing with insomnia caused from anemia. ... (10 replies)
... Iron is needed to make hgb. Your total body iron levels are low as indicated in your ferritin. Anemia is the last stage of the ferritin stores. You can have low stores without anemia. ... (4 replies)
New to Anemia
Jul 8, 2008
... Hey Thanks for the info I thought I was crazy craving the ice thing. I also hav a thing for smells that would about make me sick before- I could sit at a gas pump all day long and smell the gas - They would probably charge me as high as gas is!!! What is it your sister uses. Is it a prescription? I haven't been back for another blood check yet. They said wait a month. ... (9 replies)
New to Anemia
Jun 12, 2008
... have this symptom in my hand, face and foot sometimes. It last for months and stops. My Neuro said anxiety but I know that's not true. I have a few symptoms that came with the anemia but did not leave with the anemia being resolved. It's strange. Hope you find your answers. ... (9 replies)
... I did this for about 6 months, I looked it up on the Internet. Information said, eating ice is a sign of anemia. I still didn't really believe it. I thought anemia was just something like getting a cold. I never realized. ... (10 replies)
Hello, new here
Nov 14, 2008
... What's strange is that I felt fine with a 2 ferritin and it was on the way up that I became so ill. It must have been going on a long, long time, meaning years. ... (28 replies)
Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... e morning getting ready for work. I would often drop my hairbrush or hairspray. The clumsiness and constipation lasted for about 1 week, then went away. I had strange muscle spasms in my back that I had never felt before and extremely painful leg cramps. I googled all my symptoms and had self diagnosed myself with MS. ... (2 replies)
... losing my vision, being very dizzy, strange feeling in my ears, etc. ... (2 replies)

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