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... My supplement is not in pill form, it's a powder which i have to mix with water and it vile!! Then i have to chew 2 iron phosphate tablets so that the powder i just drank doesn't upset my stomach. ... (13 replies)
... What is the strongest OTC iron out there? ... (13 replies)
... am wondering if an hour is long enough most of the time. I know after a big meal an hour is not long enough. Also, I have been waiting an hour after I take the iron before I eat. In addition to the two iron tablets I take with the lysine I also take two more throughout the day. So I have to plan. ... (13 replies)

... When I first started iron supplements Hgb 8. ... (13 replies)
... Iron absorption really depends on your body. So taking more iron won't necessarily lead to better results. If you body has reached it's maximum absorption rate then that's that. ... (13 replies)
... I can tell you that when I took iron with food my blood dropped the entire time, slowly. I wasn't happy with those blood results. ... (13 replies)
... I hear you on the grazing thing. Correlating eating vs. taking iron on an empty stomach is a pain. Before my last blood test I wouldn't always take iron on an empty stomach, but now I am trying really hard to have an empty stomach and not eat anything for an hour after I take the it. ... (13 replies)
... and either 500 or 1000mg Lysine with two 65mg iron tablets, empty stomach, no problems. I try to wait an hour before eating but sometimes the hunger gets to me more than any stomach upset! ... (13 replies)
... decrease in absorption rate, and then how well you actually absorb after that. Comes out to very little iron intake. Good luck with your new routine. ... (13 replies)
... I was looking for information on iron supplements when I came across this thread. I couldn't figure out why I was taking more and more and it was working less and less. Now I know why. ... (13 replies)
... So sorry to hear this Audrey, i have my fingers crossed for you xx (78 replies)
... just like you supplement iron on it's own, Vit D on it's own, you should also supplement B12 on it's own, rather than taking a multivitamin only. ... (78 replies)
... In Feb '07 i saw a Trichologist and he got me onto a much stronger supplement, then i got IBS symptoms from it, then he got me taking organic iron tablets with it to settle my stomach and this worked. In March my ferretin was 29 and in May it was 26. ... (29 replies)
... on the low ferritin. Mine was 38 and with supplementation now 54. I think I feel stronger. Also I am hypothyroid like you too, it seems, and the iron messed with my thyroid meds. ... (11 replies)
... From what you say I should be on the strong tablets, and that of course is the logical step. ... (8 replies)
... that i'd be wasting my money and i would be better off finding the source of my hair shedding. Well the gp who advised me on the rogaine knew all along that my iron levels where out and that my immune system wasnt very good, but he just kept telling me very year that my blood test was fine. ... (29 replies)
... It sounds like you were not taking enough iron. You probably need a prescription strength. I'm taking Conison Caps, its a supplement that has b12 as well as iron. My doc said if I took over the counter it would take years to raise my ferritin. ... (4 replies)
... I have read other sites on the net where they mention that red wine inhibits iron absorbtion but white wine doesn't. Also that spinach eaten with a high iron meal inhibits iron absorbtion and this shocked me as you are always told to eat your spinach as it's high in iron. Maybe that only worked for Popeye. ... (4 replies)
... en Forte which is a prescription medication. I looked up the medication online when I first got it. I don't remember the type of iron, but do remember it was a strong dose of iron in addition to B12, Vitamin C and Folic Acid. ... (4 replies)
... CD111 - good luck with the Lysine. I'm not sure which is worse with all of this: I'm not a good pill-swallower, and I like to eat all day. Timing the ingestion of all of these pills is hard! And it's hard to do when I'm an emotional eater and feel stressed about various things right now! I guess that's a whole 'nother forum ;) (13 replies)

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