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... With every surgical procedure, they did CBC with Dif. Unless you are anemic they will do the surgery, but let them know ahead of time about your low Ferritin level. Even with low ferritin, I had my surgeries. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Everyone. I am hoping that someone could give me some advice on the symptoms that I am experiencing. Back in 2001 I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer and had an extended( wethiems) hysterectomy. The surgery was successful but I had some complications and need further surgery to repair a vaginal/bladder fistula. I then had 5 weeks of Radiotherapy but about 8 weeks... (1 replies)
... You def dont want to have surgery while being low in iron. I was anemic when I had a c section and lost a ton of blood...and blood for six weeks after. I became SO sick that it took MONTHS to feel six months. ... (3 replies)

... :wave: What a great wonderment!! In my case, it's the other way around. We already know I have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which can cause anemia (among other things). Also, I had bladder reconstruction surgery in July (to correct the defect causing my CKD), during the recovery for which I almost needed a blood transfusion. I have renal (kidney) labs done every six... (2 replies)
... and cramps are caused by the iron and other mineral deficiencies. You will need to get these levels up to stop the symptoms. It's not directly from the bypass surgery but the bypass surgery causes the malabsorption, which then causes all of your problems. ... (7 replies)
Male anemic?
May 5, 2003
... ht I had fainted from the pain of shingles, but my doctor tested my blood and said I have anemia too and that was probably made worse by shingles. I recently had surgery on my appendix and lost a lot of blood from that and I still am sore from it. ... (4 replies)
... procedure, my blood count was so low that the doctor had me double up on my iron supplement for the month before the procedure. It was high enough on the day of surgery to proceed safely, but still low. ... (8 replies)
... I am going through the same thing for the last 2 years. They have tested me for pracitcally everything and it all comes back negative. I am still losing blood. I tried the iron infusions and they did not work. I have to have blood transfusions every 3 months. For some reason my potasium runs high. Now they are testing me for Lupus. I would love to know what is going on. ... (7 replies)
... You need to contact a nutritionist at a hospital that specializes in gastric bypass in your area. He/she will review your diet and vitamins and suggest what could be missing. Anemia usually becomes apparent after a long time of low iron diet and lack of iron supplements. Call a place that has a complete after-surgery care program. (7 replies)
... Eating ice was the first sign of my anemia, my Ferritin was 2 at the time. When you have G/B you usually need to get IV iron therapy from a Hematologist due to malabsorption resulting from your surgery. How is your B-12? I was told that eating ice is just a symptom and does not cause the actual anemia. You should contact your Bariatric specialist or a Hematologist for... (5 replies)
... Well I just got back from the Gastroentorologist and he definately wants to do the Colonoscopy and Endoscopy as well, but I will be put under so he will do them both at the same time. It's scheduled for August 14th. Everything seems to be hurry up and wait:( He is having me take the Fleet Phospho-soda for the prep. Does anyone know if this stuff is really disgusting? Lol. Is... (19 replies)
... I would say you should start with a gastroenterologist who is well-versed in gastric bypass surgery. Or a hematologist who has experience with gastric bypass so they know what do with it. Anemia and mineral deficiency from gastric bypass is a "special" case and needs to be handled by any one of the specialist you listed who happens to know what to do with a gastric bypass... (7 replies)
... I am new here and looking for answers. I am 5 years post surgery. Have never had any problems till recently when I started to get dizzy, pass out, leg and hip pains at night, restless legs, weight gain. My hemoglobin was 9.7 2 weeks ago and dr. ordered colonoscopy and EDG. They were both fine but my hemoglobin had dropped to 7.1. They did 2 blood transfussions Friday. ... (7 replies)
... Brandy, Pernicious anemia can feel very, very scary, especially before you have a diagnosis. I have a B12 deficiency; my doctor doesn’t think it’s necessary to find out whether or not I have PA because she’s treating me as if I do anyway. (I’m a vegan and think that’s how I depleted my B12.) I’m more than twice your age (48), and I too absolutely felt like I was dying. Most... (5 replies)
... I forgot to add, I had gastric bypass surgery three years ago.. my health has went downhill ever since. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks FLWRGIRL, I'm just being hard headed. My hemoglobin and hematocrit have steadily (but slowly) dropped since my early 30s. It used to be a healthy 41 and each year went down until I finally hit 34. I am back up to 37 and ferritin is rising. I'm not "afraid" of the endometrial ablation, per se, I'm just sick and tired of having "procedures" done to me. Since 1995, I... (12 replies)
... I am a 36 year old female who had gastric bypass surgery in October 2003. So I am about 3.5 years post op. ... (10 replies)
... Now I am a good patient while I'm there but I like my bed at home lots better than you better stay standing up and when I come home after the surgery I will at least be able to sit at the computer and check on everybody. I love this board. ... (6 replies)
... hey hello remember blocage in your legs /surgery coming up . cap city what am i going to do with you. you rest and take you some iron and get ready to be immobilized for a little while . and by the way that blood pressure is to high. so you rest and i will try to stay top side till i go to my doc. o.k.? take care love you girl. susan kay (6 replies)
... Hi I had a gastric by pass in 1998. I am also severely anemic with my Ferritin level less than 4 and hemaglobin has been down as low as 7. My white blood counts have started to fall now and I too am tired. ... (28 replies)

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