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... Doctor said he wanted to do surgery anyway because he figures it was the heavy periods causing it so better to remove my uterus before I could have another period and my numbers drop even further. ... (10 replies)
Pernicious Anemia
Mar 21, 2008
... I had gastric bypass surgery almost 4 years ago. All the doctors and specialist I went to were aware of this. ... (2 replies)
New here (HELP)
Oct 17, 2006
... I'm really surprised your Dr. did not omit you to the hospital with a blood count of 4.5. I am extremely anemic due to my fibroid which causes me to have severe bleeding monthly. ... (4 replies)

How's Amwood???
Jan 10, 2004
... this sucks because it doesn't look like I'll be able to get in any spring skiing, or go to the gym any time soon. And, when classes start up again I'll still be anemic and trying to get things done on days when I'm just exhausted.... ... (31 replies)
... Almost 7 years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery to lose the weight and to aid in our desire to get pregnant. I was told once the weight was off, I'd be able to get pregnant. ... (6 replies)
High hemoglobin
Aug 24, 2008
... If you just had surgery, you hgb can read on the high side. Your ferritin is very low. While you are not anemic, you will become one if you not increase your ferritin levels. Ferritin should be around 70 that is according to my hematologist. My hgb is always high, but I do run a lot, but my ferritin is always going down and requires me to get infusions all the time. What is... (3 replies)
... almost 5 years ago and so it is not unheard of to be either anemic or to have low B12 levels. ... (2 replies)
Anemia & anxiety
Oct 21, 2018
... wer and walking in WalMart..... Dizzy was off and on more sometimes than not. Dr has me on Iron pills and is watching closely. I did have umbilical double mesh surgery 4 years ago and have some stomach pain when I press... Dont know why I am anemic? ... (1 replies)
... c I was too sick to go, and am getting ready to have surgery to replace a pain pump which is on its last legs. I am supposed to have that surgery on Wednesday. I was going to have it last Wed, but again, too sick to go. I will reschedule the hematology appt after I've recovered from the surgery. ... (0 replies)
Iron stores
Jul 30, 2011
... I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005. I have been doing well. Then, in March, I began to feel week and dizzy and experience hot flashes though I am definitely post menopausal. ... (1 replies)
... I had gastric bypass surgery in 2005 and a small bowel obstruction which required surgery in 2007 and have been anemic since the last surgery. My iron levels are severely low and so is my hematocrit. ... (2 replies)
... instead of an ablation with tubal ligation was just made today, so I will more than likely find out tomorrow when the surgery is scheduled. ... (6 replies)
... use with my endometriosis she thinks that will cause me more pain, she is leaning towards a hysterectomy. The problem is, she isn't very comfortable doing major surgery like that while I'm still so anemic. ... (5 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel, so please know that you are not alone. I want to get this surgery over with as soon as possible so that I can know for sure that it isn't cancer, but until my anemia is under control, I can't. ... (8 replies)
Hello ?
Dec 21, 2004
... Sudden loss of blood like you had is more noticeable and more difficult for the body to adjust to than a gradual drop over time due to small leaks, or spotting. So to answer your question if you lost 3 units of blood, plus the surgery and the trauma of the wreck originally, I am not surprised at all that you would find it difficult to think, move or do a lot of normal things... (2 replies)
How's Amwood???
Jan 22, 2004
... be so much better and although I'd be recovering from surgery, at least I'd be on my way to getting my life back. Even my bosses were saying that I'd regret the surgery for the first few days, but once I started feeling better it would be worth it, and I'd have my quality of life back, etc. Well obviously none of that happened. ... (31 replies)
Anemia & anxiety
Feb 16, 2018
... I had to have surgery as I had blood clots. ... (1 replies)
... astric bypass surgery, which I had in 2008. My blood levels have been in the lower end of the normal range since the surgery, but never actually dipped into the anemic range until this year. ... (0 replies)
... Ive been taking iron tablets since then on GPs advice. I rang the surgery today for results the nurse told me my iron level is 19.8 which is slightly down but still a good level. My hemoglobin is 14.3 and all other readings normal. ... (1 replies)
... have absorption issues. I've had gastric bypass, I know all about those! I had IBS really, really bad before I had surgery. It basically cured it. Of course the surgery has issues of its own. ... (3 replies)

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