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... e of Lymes well done ......It gets hard when so many things can have the same symptoms......We dont have Lymes here that I am aware of but many present with the symptoms of it so I guess when can exclude it from our list in Australia LOL......... ... (40 replies)
... Although a vitamin b12 deficiency could explain your mom's neurolgical symptoms and gait problems, it doesn't explain the bacterial infections, and the fact that her symptoms got rapidly worse several weeks after taking prednisone. ... (40 replies)
... keep posting...don't give up took me over 2 years to find a dr. that actually acted like a dr. and looked for what was wrong with me.....I got so tired of being told that there was nothing wrong with me when my body was telling me otherwise! ... (89 replies)

... Your symptoms are very consistent with a low B12 level. ... (40 replies)
... ive been ill for about 8 years now, the past year ive been going to the doctor to try and find out why ive felt so ill for so long... my symptoms are... ... (40 replies)
... by a B12 deficiency in the first place and that is caused by something else you dont just get it for nothing......Any one of your mums age presenting with those symptoms needs a B12 test it is wrong to deny her that... ... (89 replies)
... I have 3 injections a week at 10,000mcg and my levels would be through the roof luckily my doc doesnt work like that is going by my lessening of symptoms it has worked really well I had severe symptoms for 5 years......... ... (89 replies)
... kept telling me my levels were normal...I was getting symptoms at 372.....It had to get to 130 and serious symptoms before my new dr had his suspicions and tested me....... ... (89 replies)
... I just went back and looked at your questions and forgot to answer your first asked about eating sweets or caffeine and if her symptoms changed. I don't know if her symptoms change, but she craves coffee and sweets all of the time...never passes it up. ... (89 replies)
... Yes, that's true but 10 years is a long, long time to live with the symptoms you've described, without knowing what is wrong. ... (40 replies)
... Hi Ashleymichele23 Most certainly is thecause of your problems It is great you heeded the advice and you obviously felt truth in it and had the tests good for you... I dont know why docs dont pick it up perhaps they like to look for the major things first even though we know deficiency is very major.. I had many tests for it but at first it was always in the normal range... (89 replies)
... the shaking, the anxiety, etc.are other symptoms of something gone amok... ... (89 replies)
... made light of it. This could be the reason why I am exhausted, why I feel brain fog and why I have weakness when I walk sometimes, it sounds like these are all symptoms of this. Why do the Drs. miss this? ... (89 replies)
... Hi Yes I would have to say they probably are.... What sort of B12 therapy has your doctor suggested for you........And do you have a lot of tingling numbness ect Cheers (89 replies)
... I just found out I have a B12 deficiency and I have had all of the symptoms they talk about having this deficiency, weakness, foggy head, etc.... ... (89 replies)
... B12 will cause havoc on your nervous system.......I have a defeincy or should i say did almost all my symptoms have gone thanks to some good treatment from my doc......So if I can help in any way please let me know...... ... (89 replies)
... if you're below 400...symptoms start to appear...under 300....well that's where you start to Really have symptoms and feel like you have MS!!!! ... (89 replies)
... pain! I am SO TIRED of switching doctors and having them all think I am crazy!! ... (89 replies)
... what symptoms did the hematologist tell you people get when their B12 level gets low? ... (89 replies)
... I still feel tired most of the time though.So I don't understand why I don't feel energy from it.... ... (89 replies)

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