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... Stress, lifestyle, diet and illness can all lead to malabsorption and symptoms like gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome. ... (9 replies)
Nov 27, 2008
... ng,intolerance to cold ,couldnt talk properly, couldnt walk well, rombergs,l hermittes,stomach issues,bowel problems, aching joints....ect...I realized I had had stomach thing from a child but would come and go......... ... (8 replies)
... I'm obviously not absorbing much orally and unfortunately there is not much I can change about my diet without causing myself horrible stomach upset. ... (8 replies)

... ought was reflux. Turns out he has bronciostasis which caused the cough. He went to a hematologist at my insistence and had several blood tests taking. He has high folic acid but he's taking folic acid supplements. But he has very normal b12 if not high. He also has high mcv. ... (1 replies)
... Vertical ridges may be caused by the body not absorbing iron. Lack of moons means lack of b12 which are both symptoms of low stomach acid and absorpstion. Just my hunch. You may also want to consider digestive enzymes. ... (3 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Jun 8, 2006
... Anything over 800 mcg supplementation a day is not recommended for people with a B12 deficiency. As at high levels, folic acid can mask the signs of vitamin B12 deficiency, potentially resulting in serious and irreversible nerve damage. ... (1 replies)
... With thyroid issues, not every single person will be affected in precisely the same way. It affects us individually with key symptoms, while a range of other symptoms we can share identically. ... (10 replies)
Ferritin questions
Aug 29, 2010
... I know it has been awhile since this was posted but very helpful. My ferritin level is less than one (My md said it was undetectable) but my cbc was normal. I feel terrible. I see an endocrinologist tomorrow and a hemotologist Friday. My tsh was normal but didn't do any free testing. A random blood sample cortisol level was low. Hoping I find out some answers soon. ... (2 replies)
Ferritin questions
Nov 12, 2009
... When your total body iron is high ferritin is usually high, when total iron body is low, ferritin tends to be low as well. ... (2 replies)
... to help myself out of this situation. My stomach is still very swollen and I look ready to have a baby. ... (5 replies)
... Hello FG--:wave: Hope you are doing well. ;) You know, this is a very interesting topic that you bring up. Something both of us have been dealing with. You really have to be careful in what you read on the internet, I know you are well aware of this. I am just making the point that you cannot believe everything that you read and in some cases, things have changed... (7 replies)
... I have been taking prilosec for almost 7 years due to ulcers in my small intestines and erosions in my stomach and esophagus. They are supposedly cured, but when I have tried to stop this PPI, I get extreme ulcer pain. ... (5 replies)
... to reduce the amount of acid my stomach produces, I have been taking this for 5 years now and have been told that I need to take it for life. ... (9 replies)
... deficient. My level was at 140 with under 400 considered low enough to have psychiatric symptoms as well as neurological problems both temporary and permanent. My RBC was 3.81 but my white cell count was 3.00. ... (7 replies)
... I had stomach surgery to rid me of my acid reflux. Well about 3 years after that I started getting headaches and tingling in my hands and feet and depression. ... (2 replies)
Pernicious Anemia?
Aug 23, 2017
... I have a lot of Auto Immune type symptoms that don't necessarily fit in with my diagnoses above. These include Fibromyalgia type pain, numbness and tingling in my hands, and constant headaches. ... (0 replies)
... hi MEL52, thanks for letting my know the symptoms your husband had which has been diagnosed. ... (7 replies)
... s thyroiditis and a lot of people over on the thyroid board have the gluten intolerance. A nursing home in Italy removed all gluten foods from patients who had high thyroid antibodies and when they were rechecked they were found to have much lower thyroid antibodies. ... (34 replies)
... I cannot comment on your high ferritin level as a result of your four infusions. Though I think it is a bit high. Hopefully, some people with infusion experience can enlighten you. ... (4 replies)
... alkaline diet. Please don't freak out about the vegan point. I do have the occasional intake of meat but I feel that my symptoms are so much better without it. I was only truly vegan for about 6 weeks and then started to have small amounts of meat again. ... (6 replies)

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