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... ve Colitis which removed my colon and formed a pouch out of the end of my small intestine. I was doing very well until I learned of this anemia. I had severe anemia when I had U.C., but it felt very different from the way I'm feeling now. I could barely walk 10 feet. The U.C. ... (22 replies)
... As I was reading the thread, I was thinking that you definately have B12 anemia, then I saw your hematoligst diagnosed it. As to whether it is pernicious or not can be determined by a test for the intrinsic factor, indicating that it is PA, which is an autoimmune disease, btw. Did you have the test? Additionally, I read that having iron deficiency anemia, where one would... (22 replies)
... Thanks for replying, Catscandance. The one thing that makes me doubt it is pernicious anemia is my age, since pernicious anemia tends to affect older people. I mentioned pernicious anemia to my surgeon and he said I was too young for it. ... (22 replies)

... Hemolytic anemia is an autoimmune disorder, and is often triggered by something like a virus or chemical exposure or some illness. Your hemoglobin is very low. ... (22 replies)
... Hi Cats, I wasn't aware that the parietal cell test and the intrinsic factor test were separate. I'll ask about that next time I see the hematologist. Other than the B-12 deficiency and a few other general anemia symtoms, I don't seem to have the PA-specific symptoms, such as the sore mouth, neurological symptoms, etc. Are there any other treatments for PA in... (22 replies)
... I have anemia and all the side effects , even had the ice craving. ... (23 replies)
Anemia problem
Aug 12, 2004
... tart injections today.My iron is at 4. I do have celiac disease, and acid reflux. It was found when the upper and lower scope was done a few weeks ago. I had no symtoms other than being anemic. What is duodenitis? ... (2 replies)
... is more responsible for my anemia than iron, but doc is having me take iron because it was a little low. ... (22 replies)
... I'm back from the hematologist's and he's running some tests to determine the type of anemia I have. ... (22 replies)
Anemia question
Aug 21, 2004
... 8.1 is enough to make you very tired. It is lower than it should be with ranges from 11.0 -16 being normal range. If you decide to take the iron again, make sure you drink a lot of fluids and eat foods that will control constipation. Leafy vegetables and fruits will help. Try to avoid eating/drinking milk based products with the iron. Calcium is important to get but it has to... (2 replies)
Anemia question
Aug 20, 2004
... I've had anemia since pregnancy.. when I was pregnant they told me to take iron.. which I did but I had VERY bad constipation. I ended up stopping it. ... (2 replies)
... Dear Members I am new to the board and have found that I share similar symtoms with those of you with pernicious anemia. Has anyone had difficulties in determining a correct diagnosis. ... (6 replies)
... I was diagnosed with anemia in 2008 and received a series of iron transfusion of 8 within a few months. My hemoglobin was 9.4 and reached up to 11. ... (6 replies)
... I had my appointment on Monday and my hemoglobin is up to 9, from 8.1 last week, so it looks like the B-12 injections are working. I asked the doctor about tests and I tested negative for antibodies for parietal cells (the pernicious anemia test) and although my LDH was elevated and the Coombs test was positive, he said that both of those results could be caused by B-12... (22 replies)
... I'm going to second that! It's so important to learn as much as you can because when you're not feeling well, you're sometimes too weak to use your better judgment or question the doctor. On anemia, there's a good book called Anemia in Women: Self-Help and Treatment by Joan Gomez (I got a copy at the library). It's very helpful, and explains everything clearly. After... (22 replies)
... Hi Miss Kris: I am not a medical professional, so I cannot rule out other possibilities in your case, but I do have a few thoughts on your last post. Having been mis and under diagnosed for many years, I am a firm believer in "research it" and "cover all the bases", even if it contradicts the "wisdom" of the dr. So, I would ask for a few more tests... On the pernicious... (22 replies)
... but hasn't completely ruled out hemolytic anemia since I tested Coombs positive. He said, however, some people who test positive for that don't end up destroying their blood cells so there's hope there. ... (22 replies)
Possible Anemia
Oct 6, 2005
... Within the past month I've had many symtoms of Anemia Extreme fatigue Weakness Shortness of breath Confusion or loss of concentration Dizziness or fainting Pale skin, including decreased pinkness of the lips, gums, lining of the eyelids, Rapid heart beat (tachycardia) Feeling cold (5 replies)
... I have concentration problems that have appeared ADD, and mild.. recently both my anemia and that has become more severe and I am treating the anemia finally. Latest is inability to visually concentrate, rapid eye blinks in morning which I cannot stop.. It stopped itself. ... (2 replies)
... I was told I had Moderate Microcytic Anemia Can anyone share their stories with be about Low Iron symptoms.... here are my numbers from Late august 2011 CBC: RBC 4.68 (3.80-5.10)normal ranges WBC 6.5 (4.0-10.5)normal ranges Hemoglobin 9.3Low ((11.5 -15.0)normal ranges Hematocrit 32.9Low (34 -44) normal ranges MCV 70Low (80-98)normal ranges MCH 19.9Low... (10 replies)

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