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... HappyFeet77, First I would like to say I feel most Doctors blame anemia on gastric by pass so you will now hear that from them all. I have had anemia since I was a teenager they blamed it on my period then tumors from endometriosis, then I had a hysterectomy and they blamed it on a gastric by pass...I had a blood transfusion in 1995 when I still had my period and then again... (3 replies)
... My numbers have been dropping for some time now the lowest my hemoglobin got to was an 8 and ferritin of 5. I had IV iron therapy 3 months ago and the numbers crept up to Hemoglobin of 11 and ferritin of 8. ... (2 replies)
... by having small cells, different in shape and appearing pale. By this time my Hgb had returned to normal at 12.9. It took 2 months to get from 8.5 to 12.9 taking ferris sulfate 3X daily. Yes, they are salt based, and for me it was way too much for my body to handle. ... (14 replies)

Still Anemic!
Jan 4, 2009
... Hi, I haven't been here in a while myself. I an anemic and did not do well with taking the oral meds, so I began doing the IV treatments. When I began, in March of 2008, my total iron was 7, Ferritin 3 and Iron Saturation was 1. ... (2 replies)
... Always had extremely heavy menstrual cycles and was put on birth control and iron pills. ... (0 replies)
... Last year, I had 8 weekly iv iron infusions and the blood work revealed after those infusions that my ferritin actually dropped about 6 points to 10. ... (3 replies)
... in 30 days ..with the iron I am taking ..but still I am very low. I actually have a doctors appt.. in an 1 hour about my anemia.. they will be drawing more we will see where I am... i too don't want a blood transfusion nor IV iron.. ... (9 replies)
... has helped, but it hasn't stopped the bleeding entirely. I was on 30mg which is the highest dose. Most women take 10 mg for 5 or 10 days of their cycle, I am taking 30 for 10 days, 20 for 10 days and then 10 for 10 days. I hate putting my body through this, but it has helped to slow things some. ... (1 replies)
... I am curious for different reasons. Just to let you know an optimal target for Hgb for females is 14. ... (2 replies)
Sooooooo dizzy
Jan 16, 2009
... (4 replies)
... sounds like we're in the same situation. They still don't know the cause of my anemia either, and I've had ALL the tests done as well. Regarding the iron supplement question...this is what I was told by my hematologist...I was taking the same supplement you are, 3 times a day with food. ... (3 replies)
... I have been anemic as long as I can recall. I am 38. As a teen, I thought it was just a word. I didn't take it seriously at all. I did not treat it. As an adult just recently it caught up with me and I became very ill. I have iron deficiency anemia. I also had very low ferritin, like none. ... (0 replies)
... Well, I was sent to get an IV Iron Infusion, but insurance had a fit because i had not tried oral iron first. i am taking FeSo4 oral iron 3 times a day for a a few months...then check the levels again to either justify the IV iron infusion or determine that the pills are working. ... (8 replies)
... ou feel and can relate so much. Anemia is something that takes a long while to fix. For some it can go fast for others not so much. People that are getting their iron delivered the IV route tend to have a faster recovery most times rather then people going the oral route. ... (2 replies)
... I went back to my hematologist on Monday and got half the normal iv iron dose. ... (14 replies)
Oct 20, 2003
... obably should've done it already! My mom had a hsyterectomy ealier this year, and it's not a long process once the decision is made. But, it sounds like you're taking the right approach and doing this would be nice to know that they can tell you that the surgery would solve your problem! ... (33 replies)
... If the anemia is your straightforward iron deficiency sort it generally indicates either blood loss or inability to absorb enough iron to freshen your normal blood supply. ... (7 replies)
... Taking a vitamin c tablet with each dose of your iron will help boost your bodsy adsorbsion of iron from the pill Taking a Centrum every day with food can help provide all the other "bits and peices" the body needs to produce normal blood cells If you want to get your B12 higher, buy some sublingual B12 tablets containing atleast 2000mcg of B12, and use one each day. ... (36 replies)
... m always too long. My wife has iron deficient anemia and has had for several years now. She does not tolerate oral iron supplements well at all. Therefore has never taken them for more than a few days at a time. ... (2 replies)
... oc put me on requip. RLS persisted. Saw neurologist he discovered I had anemia and forwarded info to primary doc. Primary doc said to take a mens vitamin with iron and left it at that. Neurologist took me off requip because of side effects and put me on neurontin. Symptoms got worse and worse. ... (1 replies)

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