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... Reillynh, Thank you so much, that explains a lot. I now remember the pediatrician telling me that my sons have both iron deficiancy and thallessemia, and she regularly checks their iron levels (although I sometimes have to remind her during check-ups). After each check she has told us to keep the same dosage, as the iron helps but is still needed. Just to ease my... (9 replies)
... Hmmm, well I have also taken iron at different times, including when I went to see a hemotologist a few years ago who had me take that along with vitamin C to help me process it better. It did not really help and hurt my stomach so I quit taking it when I moved and stopped seeing him. I have never heard that I or people w/ thallessemia minor should not take iron. Is... (9 replies)
... I only have the thallessemia "trait," so, could that alone cause my brain "fog"? ... (9 replies)

... c thallessemia is so rare, I wanted you to know you are not alone. I have thallessemia minor, as do both my sons. Maybe you can tell me, I am not sure how to know if it is beta or not? ... (3 replies)
... Hi! Yes, the B vitamins definitely do help increase my energy level. I started taking one of those B12 dots each day and I find that I don't feel as out of it at work and if I go for a jog I'm not dragging myself just to finish, but actually feel good. I need to get some more B6 because that helped a lot too. B Complexes are good, but I don't think that the dosage is high... (9 replies)
... I have Alpha Trait as well and the only doctors I've seen about it are my general practitioners and they both said NOT to take iron. Neither one of them really told me why, but said it wouldn't help anyway. I then read online about what delta is saying, that the liver can't handle the added iron that your body is not using. (9 replies)
... It was my understanding that even with "trait" that Iron was bad...Because the lever was not able to remove the iron from the blood properly even at that level...My Hematologist told me no iron supplements whatsoever...And I have to be checked every two months for iron build up....Thank God I haven't had a problem yet, because I hear that that Chelating method of removing iron... (9 replies)
... It's almost like my brain misfires, and can't find the word in there...It is so frustrating...I cannot carry on more than one conversation...My head gets dizzy, and I want to run...It is not normal age, it is the thalassemia....My doctor told me to be prepared for this, and there is really nothing they can do about it...I feel like I am losing my mind sometimes... (9 replies)
... I'm very relieved to hear I'm not the only one. As I've gotten older I have difficulty completing full sentences much more often. I feel like an idiot. I find myself grasping for the simplest words. I get more confused in general. God forbid more than one person be talking to me at once! I completely shut down. And I don't believe it's just a normal part of "getting... (9 replies)
... Don't feel dingy....I have thalassemia intermedia hemoglobin H....And I often cannot finish sentences....I forget common names....It is very aggravating...I also suffer from a form of dementia caused by the thalassemia...I am 37, but my mind sometimes feels much older... (9 replies)
... I also have thallessemia minor, not sure if it is beta or not. I am OFTEN confused!! I often can not finish a sentence, as I am reaching for a word that can be so common. ... (9 replies)

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