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... My 21 year old daughter has had low ferritin levels for past several years. She has "tried" supplements but claims to have stomach issues with it. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks Webdiva, my Trichologist tested my iodine last year and found me to be deficient and i took a course of liquid iodine and a couple of months or so after that is when i noticed my shedding had stopped for an entire month. ... (36 replies)
... I was dx with Iron Def anemia back in July. I was dx by a hematologist. I was feeling fine. I had no symptoms of iron def. ... (2 replies)

... but I opted for iron infusion. ... (2 replies)
... eels good to see that I'm "not the only one"! I've been feeling awful for about 2 years, but much much worse this summer. I've been through hormone treatments, thyroid meds but none have helped. Finally 2 doctors referred me to a hematologist who recognized immediately that all my symptoms add up to anemia. ... (5 replies)
... stomach cramps, heavy periods and a few other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting right now. ... (7 replies)
... t. Fortunately i never had problems with my B12, but then again i was taking a daily Multi B vitamin so not sure if has helped with the B12. My ferretin, Vit D and iodine were the ones which were extremely low. ... (2 replies)
... when I went for follow up blood test after 2.5months of iron supplementing. nope, it was about 100! just fine, no longer need to take the load of iron. ... (3 replies)
... Your symptoms sound like they are getting pretty serious with seizures and all that is happening. I hope your new docs are really good for you. Sounds like you have done your homework in that department. ... (10 replies)
... sorry to hear your ferretin figures hadn't gone higher. I think all of us get so excited and think we'll be told something positive, then when we're told our ferretin is stationary or has dropped it is most disheartening. ... (9 replies)
... My D level was "19". I am back to being clinically anemic. Hemo went down to 10.2 and all the red blood related components were all "low". ... (34 replies)
... I am pretty sure it is due to low iron in my diet. ... (3 replies)
... For me personally, i'd rather get to the root of the problem rather than take something to mask the symptoms. My periods were badly messed up and at times very heavy and no doctor could work out why. They always told me to go on birth control, but i refused. ... (11 replies)
... low iron as both illnesses share a lot of the same symptoms. ... (28 replies)
... Ferritin range is from 10 to 290, or about. Mine was at 4 in February. In October was at 10, after being on iron off and on, more on then off. I have trouble tolerating iron, it is giving me anxiety. Same with thyroid medicine. I have trouble breading also. ... (12 replies)
... apparently it's bad when the stress carries over to meal times. Meal times are supposed to be calm and relaxed. My problem was that i was eating lunch in a big rush and had a million things on my mind due to buying my new place. ... (36 replies)
... nervousgal, we had another poster here recently who had her thyroid surgery postponed due to anemia, so it is a very real proposition. ... (8 replies)
... I say that it causes depression and anxiety as well. I have always been healthy, exercise everyday, eat pretty good. A month and a half ago I started to get a feeling of not being well. I went to the ER one night because my heart was racing and palpitating as well. ... (9 replies)
... Hi. I am in this spiral of hair loss that is truly ruining my life. I have extreme anxiety and depression that I'm trying to deal with on top of looking like I'm balding. I finally got a bunch of bloodwork done assuming it was thyroid or hormones. ... (3 replies)
... I have Hashimoto's myself. A lot of thyroid sufferers have issues with low ferretin and difficult to raise ferretin, just like they tend to have a low Vit D and a tendancy to be either gluten intolerant or Celiac. Gluten intolerances can cause you to not be able to absorb iron readily too. ... (8 replies)

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