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Apr 21, 2010
... In the end i found a great doctor who discovered that i did have adrenal problems and did have a thyroid autoimmune disease. ... (44 replies)
Low Ferritin at -3
Mar 27, 2009
... Also have had low thyroid but only on .125 mg levoxyl for 15 years. ... (8 replies)
... ng that you ran out of money. Maybe a break from all that will help. I know you have had many things tested as well. Perhaps some of your fatigue is from your low ferritin. Maybe what ever is causing your symptoms is also related to the low ferritin? ... (10 replies)

... Get doctor decided to test my vitamin D for some reason and it is low also. ... (14 replies)
... The Trichologist who i see about my hair issue, which we believe is as a result of very low ferretin levels over a number of years, uses Dr Hugh Rushton as his reference. You can look up Dr Rushton on the net. ... (15 replies)
... Last week I went to the Dr after feeling unwell for a good 2wks. I have been walking around feeling like I'm a haze all the time. Forgetting things, dizziness, off balance, weak painful muscles, extreme fatigue, no appetite etc My dr wasn't in when I called but they fit me and I saw the nurse practitioner. I mentioned to him that I had also just finished a very... (1 replies)
Low iron symptoms
May 23, 2010
... I'm really starting to wonder what docs actually do in their 7+ years training :confused: I've got my thyroid lab results: This February - 30 min serum TSH 0.9 mIU/L (0.3-5.5) serum free T4 14.2 pmol/L (9-25) This April - 30 min serum TSH 0.6 mIU/L (0.3-5.5) serum free T4 13.2 pmol/L (9-25) (7 replies)
Low iron symptoms
May 22, 2010
... Have you ever had your thyroid checked out? ... (7 replies)
... The doctor said that I basically had no iron stored in my body. My hemoglobin was an 8, thyroid and hormones were good. ... (7 replies)
Jun 30, 2009
... Actually in my research i've found low thyroid and adrenal issues to be listed as moderate estrogen dominance side effects. ... (44 replies)
... as prescribed chromagen forte and four months later I am at 53 so much better. My vitamin D was at 11.8 and now after 2,000 iu per day my Vit D levels are still low but improved to 18. ... (24 replies)
... ed to help with fatigue, relating to the thyroid, so I take it for that. It doesn't seem to help anymore though. I think before I was just so fatigued from the low ferritin and now that is much better. ... (2 replies)
... audrey, iwas told my thyroid was fine... i think they did ts3 and 4 or somtehing like that? ... (14 replies)
... The only other thing that tested low for me was B6, so I'm taking a B-complex vitamin every day. My ferritin was 89 (10-232ng/mL), considered normal. I take Flintstone chewables; I read about them on this board. I've been a vegetarian for ten years and a vegan for three, and I never bothered taking vitamins before this. I've reintroduced dairy into my diet, but I'm afraid to... (57 replies)
... That may explain my high FSH and low testosterone maybe? ... (57 replies)
... No problem, i dont mind helping out if i can :) This board has been such a help to me and it's great that we can all learn or help each other. Some people know so much and it surprises me as not even my gp's seem to be able to offer the type of info or support that contributors to this board have been able to do. My Trichologist has also helped with his knowledge. Odd... (14 replies)
... not a whole thyroid workup. ... (14 replies)
... The only time a dr. checked my B-12 levels was after I had taken my injection within a couple of weeks earlier-it was 600. I just know that when around 4-5 weeks is up, I feel alot more tired. I really don't tolerate iron to work on my ferritin levels. I have a stomach that bloats sooo bad when I take iron, it ends up making me short of breath because there's literally no... (10 replies)
... I have a drs. appt. tomorrow and plan on bringing that up. I get very short of breath when I get up to 50 of Synthroid, and then any small amount of Armour just makes me SOB right away. (10 replies)
... I would urge you to have her serum b12 measured. ... (10 replies)

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