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... So everything seems to fit the classic iron deficiency pattern, but not quite out of range, except for the iron saturation being too low. ... (8 replies)
... hello, I'm wondering what is happening (the process), when one has LOW Iron(transferrin) 12% Saturation, but Low-Normal Serum Iron and Ferritin, and NORMAL(mid range) Iron Binding? Does this mean that my cells/tissues are getting little iron for optimal functioning? I know Serum Iron is the iron circulating at the time blood was taken, and can fluctuate (how is this... (0 replies)
... Healthy or normal serum iron values depend on your gender. Normal serum levels for men range from 76 to 198 micrograms of iron per deciliter. Normal levels for women are a little lower and range from 26 to 170 micrograms of iron per deciliter. ... (3 replies)

... (3 replies)
... and serum iron tended to be at the low end of normal range but still inside normal range. then I started running 1. ... (9 replies)
Question on number
Apr 22, 2009
... You are just above range which would make you iron deficient. ... (1 replies)
... Interestingly i have stumbled across blood test results from 1999 and by the looks of things i have never had high ferritin levels. However my iron levels and transferrin saturation were quite high at the time. ... (4 replies)
... chis--Welcome to the boards!:wave: I don't know what condition that you have that is raising your iron levels, I can explain some things to you that may help you understand what results you should be looking for. (4 replies)
Iron SAT.
Jul 1, 2009
... the transferrin receptor concentration, red cell protoporphyrin, bone marrow biopsy or liver biopsy. ... (1 replies)
... On my hematology all of the tests are in range except for the MCHC Low at 32.8, normal range is 34.0 to 36.0 so it isn't bad either. ... (2 replies)
Iron Saturation?
Feb 8, 2007
... In this test they measure the amount of transferrin that iron can bind to. ... (4 replies)
... I've been supplementing to get my ferritin up and it is looking good but not sure about B12? Here are results below: Current Results Iron Level 84 TIBC (ug/dL) 273 Transferrin (mg/dL) 195 Transferrin Saluration (%) 31 Ferritin (ng/mL) 122 (1 replies)
... whatever the bottom of your range is. My Hematologist says under 10, there is no iron remaining. ... (1 replies)
... my iron levels are 6 my transferrin IBC 71 normal is 45-70 what part of the iron is this? transferrin saturation 9% normal=16 to 50,what part of the iron is this? serum ferritin assay 23 normal=15 to 290,what part of the iron is this? It says that the studies suggest iron defficiency the ferritin maybe misleadingly elevated to within normal range by concurrent inflaatory... (4 replies)
... Hi Hope someone can help me with thid i had b12 test and iron studies done results serum iron,6 normal is (10 to 33) transferrin IBC 71normal is(45-750) transferrin saturation 9% Normal(16-20) serum ferritinassay23ug/L Normal (15 -290 my hemoglobin levels are 130G/L normal 115-160) My full blood count is normal (5 replies)
... If you are anemic it will be on your CBC complete blood count as Hgb and Hct and also the RBC, when one or more are below range you are considered to be anemic. Do you have your lab results and ranges. You can post them here if you like. ... (1 replies)
... OK, I know that something is very wrong with me, but I don't have much of a clue *what* might be wrong... Search if you want my full symptom list etc. I should probably mention my age: I'm 21. From what I understand, hemochromatosis/iron overload can be detected at my age, but it shouldn't cause any problems/symptoms until at least 40 years old... Anyway. These are my... (1 replies)
... I've been sleeping a lot lately because I'm almost constantly tired. I donate platelets every 2 weeks and they always tell me I have great iron levels. I went to my doctor and he decided to run a bunch of blood panels. He's out of town for a week so I was curious if anyone could give me some insight on the numbers that are out of "normal" range. I'm a 24 year old female. ... (0 replies)
... I was chuckling when I read ChristineVa's 'globus' comment. I felt I had a lump in my throat years ago, that "choking senation" and found the term "globus hystericus" during one of my frenzied medical internet searches. Well, now some ten yrs later after I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid, I see that I was not imagining it, and the sensation was anything but a quaint... (9 replies)
... I am heading to a hematologist for a consult to determine why my blood levels are so poor and what needs to be done about it. My apppointment is Thursday 11/13. Does anyone have any suggestions about specific questions I should ask for or tests I should have? I want to be sure to be prepared. I'm assuming that she should order some new bloodwork since the last one was so... (12 replies)

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