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Test results help
Aug 10, 2012
... Hello, Does anyone here have test results same/similar to these: TEST-------------RESULT-----RANGE Iron Serum------240---------40-155 Ferritin-----------32----------30-400 UiBC-------------134----------150-375 Transferrin------284----------200-370 b12---------------748----------211-946 (2 replies)
... I have an appt next week to go over my test results with my dr but was wondering if anyone could offer some insight before that. I have been feeling very tired and cold lately. ... (0 replies)
... and transferrin was 379. She recommended to my PCP that he test to see if i'm losing blood from anywhere.. he told me just to go on 325 mg ferrous sulfate with 500 mg vitamin C... ... (3 replies)

... Through all my blood tests in the past no doctor has ever requested to test my vitamin D, but this specialist has. Then again, no other doctor has checked my test results thoroughly and pointed out areas i need improvement in. Other doctors have only ever said that my results were ok and quickly shown me out the door. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Can anyone help me with these results? I don't understand whats happening with my iron studies. I have had 3 iron injections starting on the 10th July this year plus one bottle of Ferro -GradC ( 325 ferrous sulphate and 562 mg sodium ascorbate). My ferritin hasn't gone up much and my saturation has fallen as has my iron. Iron 2/08/2006 15 5.4-28.6 ... (1 replies)
... (3 replies)
... a couple of weeks ago and had a blood test done and a lot of stuff was out of the normal range, most of it is clearly to do with the iron but not all of it. ... (9 replies)
... If you look at your lab ranges, you will see normal results for your 12 yr old. If you do not have a copy I would suggest asking for one for your own reference. ... (2 replies)
... s when levels tend to be highest. However, results can vary significantly between laboratories depending on how they handle the blood sample and the methods used to measure iron. ... (3 replies)
... I strongly suggest that you request copies of your test results so that you can monitor any abnormalities. ... (21 replies)
... Interestingly i have stumbled across blood test results from 1999 and by the looks of things i have never had high ferritin levels. However my iron levels and transferrin saturation were quite high at the time. ... (4 replies)
... d have a rough idea on how things work regarding iron deficiency but was wondering if some more knowledgeable board members could tell me whether or not my blood test results below are a cause for alarm. ... (4 replies)
... I think that you can place blame here. A lot of your symptoms can be directly related to this number: FERRITIN: 9 Ferritin is your iron stores and can cause a numerous amount of symptoms, including headaches, hairloss, no energy, muscle weakness, etc. Hair loss from low ferritin is one of the biggest complaints women have. Transferrin saturation is decreased with iron... (2 replies)
... All of these test measure the amount of iron that you have in your body with ferritin being the more telling figure of the iron stores in containment. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Hope someone can help me with thid i had b12 test and iron studies done results serum iron,6 normal is (10 to 33) transferrin IBC 71normal is(45-750) transferrin saturation 9% Normal(16-20) serum ferritinassay23ug/L Normal (15 -290 my hemoglobin levels are 130G/L normal 115-160) My full blood count is normal (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am new to the board. I was hoping someone could give me some insight on my lab results. I have been having fatigue, just feeling like I have no energy, muscle weakness, headaches that are really bad and my hair has been falling out so much that everyone has noticed my hair is alot thinner than it use to be. They have tested me for Lupus, I guess the ANA... (2 replies)
... I have been looking to find out exactly what this test is, and all I can find is when people have too high of a percentage, not low like me. ... (0 replies)
... Wow - I think I've found my twin. My lab results are very similar to yours and I have the same symptoms as you, so I'm looking forward to seeing a reply regarding the possible causes of low RBC, low WBC, low hemoglobin, low hematacrit - yet iron, B12, ferritin, folate, transferrin levels all are normal (never heard of most of this stuff). I was also checked for Celiac and... (3 replies)
... Hello, I am a 20 yr old female who is extremely confused about the cause of my hypochromic microcytic anemia and the test results I have gotten back thus far, I am hoping someone has had a similar experience and can help. ... (0 replies)
... which may be low if the deficiency has progressed. As serum iron falls, transferrin increases. If these two markers are present, it shows an advanced deficiency. ... (11 replies)

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