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... :dizzy:Hi Everyone! I'm new to this board and was hoping I could get some information regarding my latest labs..... WBC 5.3 LYM 1.7 MID .3 GRAN 3.3 (3 replies)
... sue, which will only result in further reduction in my HCT and HGB. I have dropped drastically from the beginning of January. This is where the urgency for the transfussion comes into play. ... (3 replies)
... My doctor wants me to take Fergon for iron, because my blood levels is slow low that if after next month, it doesn't increase, i will need a transfussion. I do have problems with my periods being too long, which we are sure is the problem to my blood being too low. question, i have heard different things, but my doctor wants me to take 2 tablets a day. that would give me... (4 replies)

... Hi to everyone! I am anemic with a ferritin of 5. Hemoglobin on the lower range, but not blood transfussion worthy yet. Anyhow, had my Venofer infusion yesterday and all did not go well. ... (0 replies)
... I will be thinking of you on the 18th then. Best of luck to you with your surgery. Keep us posted on your transfusion too, if you like. FLFLOWERGIRL:) (3 replies)
... TAT8--You are considered moderately anemic at 8.3 Hgb. If you are worried about having a blood transfusion you should get a second opinion. I had a Hgb last year of 8.5 with a 2 ferritin and never had a blood transfusion, but that was me. My doc said that he would not transfuse me until I was severely anemic at a 7 Hgb and he said then he wouldn't even recommend it if I was... (3 replies)
... Our son had been diagnosed with AIHA immediately following his four month well visit when he was vaccinated. He had a transfussion, pred and IVIG. Thankfully, we've been in remission for over a year. Any advice; he's now two. Hope your daughter is doing well.:) (0 replies)
... My son was 4 months old and immediately following his well visit and vaccines, he was hospitalized with hemolytic anemia. His treatment included transfusion, pred and IVIG: he's now two and in remission. He's never been vaccinated further. Any advice? I hope school is going well.:) (0 replies)
... THANKS SHAMROCK! Well I called the Clinic I am supposed to go to and they told me they use Sodium ferric gluconate , I do not know if this is better , I am going to call them and ask why I can't have what you had. I really am nervous and as I said like you I am allergic to everything though if you also have lupus I have a friend with that and does that not give you more... (20 replies)
... When my low hemo was discovered I was at 6.4 and got a call from the hospital to come immediately for a transfusion. I received 2 pints which brought my hemoglobin to 9.3 immediately. Now it's 2 months later and my hemoglobin hasn't changed one bit. I'm still lifeless! I see the hematologist on the 22nd. (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 29, 2007
... I was told anything under 8 they will consider a transfusion. They do not like to do it so if they think they can get the levels up another way they will try that first. I had two units and my level was 7.1. But I had tons of symptoms that I could not function anymore with just waiting it out AND I had bariatric surgery, which makes it almost impossible for me to get iron from... (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 18, 2007
... I have the same thing. After taking the iron pills, I'm even more sick than what ever. Take the liquid iron, my period just started after taking it (was in mid cycle) without any reason. It runs like a tap, pour out big piece of jelly so the pad unable to hold. I have to sit down at the rest room (toilet). Lost more blood? :confused: Tell you that, it happened at... (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 18, 2007
... Mine has been going up and down. Last time it was 9 and the time before that it was 10.2. That is the problem my new GP says it is caused by low iron and my red blood cells are getting smaller. But all the other doctors I see including my rheumatologist said it was due to my rheumatiod arthritis. My last blood test my ferritin was 78 and the lab said that normal was 80. So my... (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 17, 2007
... My dr just monitored me when I hit 8. But they kept an eye on it, and I was on Prednisone. I've read that at 5, you are at risk of having cardiac events, and I would think that you'd have such terrible symptoms, ie, fainting, nausea, jaundice, that you'd head to the emergency room. As long as it's not dropping, 9 is ok. Of course, you'll feel unwell at that number and you... (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 17, 2007
... I'm not 100% positive but I think it has to be around 7 or below. Last summer mine was at 6.9 and they were concerned but they started giving me IV iron instead. (6 replies)
Blood Transfussion
Jan 17, 2007
... How low does your hemiglobin have to be before they do a transfusion? Mine at my last blood test was 9. (6 replies)
... Anemia is one of those conditions that over time your body will adjust and you will have fewer symptoms even if you are still anemic. The symptoms of anemia come on gradually if it is being caused by a slow loss of blood. If you have a sudden loss of blood you are more likely to experience the sudden drops in blood pressure and dizziness. As to why they came on at work: My... (5 replies)
... anyways, my doctor told me, when a blood level reaches 7, a transfussion is in order. my blood in october was at 8.4 and she put me on Fergon 2 times a day for the iron. ... (5 replies)
... About 2 years ago I found out I was an anemic but I haven't had diagnosed with anemia yet. My mom is anemic to and when she was younger she had to have a blood transfussion because her period lasted for a month. ... (0 replies)

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