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... to this point, so it was weird that I had a b12 deficiency, but was told sometimes gastric bypass patients don't absorb the sublinguals. It was deemed that the deficiency was related to the gastric bypass and I never questioned that. ... (6 replies)
... as due to an iron deficiency, but he mever did anything about it. Then I got so tired and miserable he sent me to the hematologist and I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. ... (4 replies)
... s causing your vibrations. One leg symptom I did have constantly was twitching in my thighs. Ugh! That seems to have gone away, but now I sometimes have twitching in my rear end! And if I went outside when it was hot, it felt like someone was snapping rubber bands against my legs. ... (6 replies)

... Part of that sounds like it could be a panic attack thing and also you may be having some sleep apnea. Especially sonce you mention gasping that wakes you. I,ve had the first thing and find if I just slow my breathing, find another sleep position it will go away. (22 replies)
... fatigue, weakness, twitching in my legs. ... (22 replies)
... B12 deficiency about 3 months ago, and if it provides assurance, I can share my story. About a year ago I had a complete memory loss that didnt return for about 3 months. ... (6 replies)
... (6 replies)
Apr 2, 2013
... Hi All I was wondering how many people suffer from twitches and electrical impulses running up and down their legs all day and pulsing in the thighs I was just diagnosed with border line b12 deficiency ,my levels are 156 normal borderline is 150, my vitamin d is low at 47 normal over 50,my ferritin was 19 the lowest normal level is 30, my hemogloblin is normal My legs feel... (0 replies)
... Tingling and numbness aren't the same thing, although we use the words interchangeably. Tingling is just that: tingling. Other words people use to describe nerve discomfort are: itchy, stinging, burning, zapping, pins and needles, "fizzy," twinging/twitching, crawling. True numbness is only present if you have "dead patches" on your skin where there is no feeling. Tingling is... (1 replies)
... it is hard to get enough vitamin D from diet. there are only two main sources 1) sunlight 2) supplements (18 replies)
... I'm really not sure if Vitamin D was tested, but it shouldn't have been an issue. My diet covers that pretty well. But the doctor I had at the time was very thorough, so it was probably checked along with everything else. Thanks! (18 replies)
... I dunno? She's the doc. (18 replies)
... Why did your doctor say that you had Thalassemia?...janiee (18 replies)
... Denise, I'm not sure why you have those symptoms, but I doubt that they are due to Thalassemia. I have Thalassemia too, and the only symptom people may have is some fatigue. And not everyone will even feel this symptom. Just like jonstar said, DON'T take iron supplements. I would ask your doctor to give you more info about this anemia. Take care,...janiee (18 replies)
... Thanks Jonnstar for your response. I was able to get my report today. Some of the results were abnormal. RDW: 16.0 --high---- Normal range: 11.5-14.5 MCH: 25.5 --low---- Normal range: 27.5-32.5pg MCV: 78.4 --low---- Normal range: 80-98 fL RBC: 5.32 -- high---- Normal range: 4.0-5.1 x10**12L Hemoglobin is normal at 136 normal range is 120-160 g/L (18 replies)
... I'd make an appointment with your family doctor before you start supplementing - although your iron sounds low, thalassemia can cause iron overload, in which case supplements would be a bad idea. I'd take a copy of your test results and ask for a treatment plan and propper diagnosis (18 replies)
My B12 ordeal
Aug 21, 2007
... I found this forum interesting. especially people sharing their B12 experiences as i myself was diagnosed with deficiency 3 months back. I am 25 years old male. ... (6 replies)
... An Increased MCV with an increased RDW could mean a B12 and or Folate Deficiency. Both would explain the brain fog. You may need prescription folic acid and B12 shots. You should ask to have your B12 and Folic Acid levels checked. They just changed the standards. Used to be 180 B12 or less was ok, now they regocnize that some folks require higher levels to be healthy. My... (4 replies)
Jul 7, 2006
... Hi TwinMom... I have a B12 defieciency... actually got a lot of help on here :) My Symptom list was long, and probably could be attributed to a few other problems I have, but I'll post them all again for you. Another note, I had a fairly long thread where some great people gave me good advice and shared their experiences with B12 deficiency. It's on HealthBoards... (3 replies)

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