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... I do feel pretty bad, constantly drained, I feel much older than my years, terrible memory, always feel that I'm dragging myself around making myself do things when I just want to sleep. ... (14 replies)
... I don't know why he didn't give me that test. What about B12, for a full overview should I ask for a test that includes that...I would be interested to see what my level is. ... (14 replies)
... Hi everyone. I would really appreciate some help understanding my anemia blood test results which I now have a copy of for once. ... (14 replies)

... and I get cramp in my feet and legs more than usual. ... (14 replies)
... n be very abrasive. You really need to find an iron supplement that is GI friendly, many scripts are available OTC behind the pharmacy, you have to ask for it. My system got so messed up with ferris sulfate that it gave me enteritis for 3 months and I ended up in the ER. ... (14 replies)
... they don't agree with my stomach but if this is what it takes to sort this out then I will continue. ... (14 replies)
... I'm glad that you finally found a good doctor, that's always a plus. A couple of things come to my mind. You are mildly anemic and really want your Hgb to be optimal at 14.0, this will also help in the storage of iron. ... (14 replies)
... The Physio has suggested liquid iron which I want to try and I'm thinking of doing the same as Christine who helped me earlier in this thread. I keep hoping my stomach will get used to the iron but so far it isn't! ... (14 replies)
... if I turn out to be similar to you I will bring this up with my doctor. She has come highly recommended and although it is a walk in with a few doctors I hope that I get to see her. ... (14 replies)
... You sound exactly as I did when I was going through all this. My job performance was really slacking. It was a good thing that no one much noticed. I was horribly unmotivated. Every task I had to do was overwhelming to me. ... (14 replies)
... I'm not kidding. This was with a count of 11.7. My doctors thought it was depression or cardiact related because my numbers were barely in the anemic range. I then found out my ferritin was at 5. They were a little stunned but still surprised since I wasn't truly anemic. ... (14 replies)
... tired feeling is due to something else if my iron tests are not that bad. I can't remember my results from tests in the past exactly apart from I seem to remember my iron has been half the current level before so this is an improvement. ... (14 replies)
... My name is Anna and I just got my bloodwork back and I dont understand any of it. Im extremely scared because my mother has MDS which is a form of slow progressing Leukemia which started out as Anemia. ... (4 replies)
... Your numbers are not that bad. Your MCV is still fairly good, so if there is iron deficiency, I would bet that you haven't reached end-stage but you could be getting there. I would ask your doctor to run another CBC, a ferritin, a B12, and a folate. This should cover most of the types of nutritional anemia. (14 replies)
... Eloise86--If this has been going on for years, your ferritin stores are being lowered. The end result of decreased iron for whatever reason is Iron Deficiency Anemia your Hgb is low end normal. FLFLOWERGIRL:) PS--Hi Christine! (14 replies)
... It is probably iron deficiency; however, all the proper tests have not be run. Did you get a cbc that includes your MCV (that will show the size of the cells--they are small in iron deficiency). You should also get a ferritin test done to show the status of your iron stores. The serum iron test you had done doesn't really tell much as it is the amount of iron circulating in... (14 replies)
... o make sure you get answers that you understand. They probably wouldn't decide for sure on whether to do an aspiration or biopsy until they do a month or two of bloodwork to see what the course of things may be. I have been through a similar process and have a few increasing abnormalities in my bloodwork. ... (6 replies)
... I am trying anything to find a reason for my anemia. I have had bloodwork for Von Willenbrands which was normal. I am asking for bloodwork for Thalassemia since I am of Italian heritage, yet I don't look like it. ... (6 replies)
... yrs ago. If what I'm told is right, not much was known about it then, and it went undiagnosed. She was admitted to the hospital and 4 days later she died. I understand people don't normally die from this. I was told she was given too many blood transfusions too fast and that lead to her death. ... (20 replies)
... s in my bloodwork mean. ... (10 replies)

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