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B12 levels
Dec 8, 2003
... r a follow up for my thyroid my left arm was numb for about a week. I'm 26 and he said that is absolutly not normal and tested my B12. Sure enough that came back very low. My symptoms aren't any better yet but it's only been two weeks. ... (5 replies)
... My blood work came back showing that I had anemia due to low B12. The doctor then gave me a shot and set up shots once a week for 6 weeks. By that evening I was much more tired then usual. ... (6 replies)
... anemic, this is quite common, however, not a good thing. I had this happen even after the anemia was resolved but on the CBC at the ER my blood cells were still very small and unable to carry enough oxygen. My Pulse went to 133 and I was 101 when they finally let me go home, but it took all day. ... (48 replies)

... Sorry you are not feeling well. You have very low hemoglobin. I am wondering if the oncologist is also a hematologist. Do you have heavy menstrual periods? ... (6 replies)
... Do you think with ferritin so low that my MCV would be low too? ... (10 replies)
... hi miamiaoskka,where do i start lol,the first was fatiuge and very tired,hair falling out,craving strong mints eating six packets a day,joint pain,brainfog,body twiching,fell like i was walking on air,bad anxierty,(spelling) memory problems,head pressure,white toe nailes,pail skin,thats all i can think of at the moment,doctoe said all was stress,so i went a long time befor he... (4 replies)
... Yes as my ferritin is still very low. I also have low B12. I go to a hematologist who is great. Unfortunately, I have so many health problems and a job that doesn't like that I have to go to the dr. so much. ... (16 replies)
... Although the Dr and Nurses have assured me its nothing to worry about and it very common I have to go back on Tuesday for a second blood check and then to start injections. ... (2 replies)
... lem, hers was silent which is a rather scary thought. After the second round she got rid of the bacteria. She is still sensitive to many foods and has to watch very closely what she eats so that the bacteria doesn't over grow again. She has never done the breath test, always stool. ... (14 replies)
... I have had a very low Hct and Hgb for the past year and a half. ... (4 replies)
... d endocrinologist and all have said that my ferretin was "normal" Not only did I start seeing an alternative medicine doctor did she tell me that my ferretin was very low. She is amazing! Love her! ... (14 replies)
... which I believe is the solid indicator. My docs just put everything down to anxiety or stress which I buy into and understand but that doesnt cause things like low ferritin so they shouldnt assume everything is psychological. To get tested independently is expensive too. ... (10 replies)
Is this very low?
Apr 26, 2009
... and so it's obvious your doctor pointed the finger at the 4 children. Of course kids can be wearing, but even more so when you have depleted energy due to being low in things. ... (3 replies)
... dear sirs my son he is complaining from general weakness he is 15 years old i did some blood test for him the results was as following: -hb=15.3 -ferritin = 8 (low value) -B12 normal - iron &TIBC normal would you please explain ? What i have to do ? Is he requires an iron suppliment? thank you maisa (1 replies)
B12 Questions
Jan 29, 2008
... My results were low normal at 286. Is this very low? ... (16 replies)
... to get very low. ... (57 replies)
... There is a lot of different views on this. I agree with the tried and true method that if you have a very low level like the posters here mention, especially with the severe symptoms, you must have the injections to do well, and get better quickly. ... (57 replies)
... The Trichologist who i see about my hair issue, which we believe is as a result of very low ferretin levels over a number of years, uses Dr Hugh Rushton as his reference. You can look up Dr Rushton on the net. ... (15 replies)
... mL. Your's is very low at 130......... ... (8 replies)
... Most of the time it is just a special blood test, it's very specific and handled very differently than other blood tests, called the Schilling test! Sometime a bone marrow aspiration if the Schilling isn't conclusive! ... (14 replies)

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