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... I have posted on this forum before regarding my B12 problems. Unfortunately my last post was regarding my concerns of developing B12 issues during my pregnancy and now this is the very situation I am facing. ... (0 replies)
... pylori and you confirmed this this will cause a deficiency not to mention all the drugs that are taken for it Prilosec, Nexium, Pepto Bismol, Mylanta!!! oh my goodness.... ... (89 replies)
... hi help wanted....your B12 is too low... ... (40 replies)

... It's true she was given a LOT of meds and it has crossed my mind that maybe the drugs they gave her in the hospital did permanent damage to her brain! All the doctors tell me it's not possible, but I'm not convinced. The best way to describe mom is like a scared little child who smokes and drinks coffee. She asks permission to do everything...go to bed, take a shower, smoke... (89 replies)
... I'm still wondering what your mom's B12 level is.I researched B12 'til kingdom come and I agree with RainbowsEnd that all those stomach meds can and do deplete B12. ... (89 replies)
... This is were a lot of docs drop the B12 thing because they think if your FBC is normal there is no problem if the bloods are out that can dictate Pernaciuos Anemia also know as Megablastic anemia...... ... (89 replies)
... why do you doubt i have b12 problems... when i have all the symptoms and m b12 level is too low! ... (40 replies)
... I hope no one minds if I listen in. Not many doctors would be willing to hear about symptoms with a B12 in range but I have read that in Japan, they like the number to be over 500. ... (89 replies)
... im pretty covinced that candida is causing my stomach problems, and if i do have hidden b12 defic, then maybe thats contributing to them too... ... (40 replies)
... r shaking. She is in a constant state of Anxiety and can't tell me why she's shaking! She walks around like she is in a daze and only speaks when spoken to and VERY softly. This is a woman in her mid 60's who just a year ago was living by herself, had her own business, cute sporty car, always looked nice, etc. ... (89 replies)
... hi Bluze Good to hear you are feeling better with the injections and great to hear you are taking methylcobalamin subs are you still having injections too? methyl is the best for neuro damage I have this in injections in huge doses and my numbness is gone noe I have a little tingling thats great cause I am healing... You ask a fair enough question and i will do my best to... (89 replies)
... Thanks very much. I was on 1 B12 injection a week in the month of June and July. ... (89 replies)
... uicidal. We took her to the Psych ER at the hospital and she was so violent that we had to Baker Act her and she tried to kill herself because they put her in a very small room and she is VERY claustrophobic. ... (89 replies)
... I had another injection today I love the feeling I get from them it is really hard to explain it is like a feeling of real wellbeing very calm and centered I havent felt like that for years if at all..... ... (89 replies)
... Anyone experience anxiety and shaking with a B-12 deficiency? My mom has been given a diagnosis of alzheimers but her only symptom is anxiety, shaking and very mild cognitive problems (forgets to lock the door). I am waiting to hear from her doctor on getting a test for this, but I did get her a supplement of 1000 mcg per day. I pray this helps. It has consumed her life!!!... (89 replies)
... I find that doctors are very reluctant to order any sort of urine or blood test for fear of repercussions from the insurance companies!! ... (89 replies)
... hi,i read if you are low on b12 you have no moons on your fingernails and ridges, i have no moons, only on my thumbs and they are very faint,is this true. ... (89 replies)
... are most welcome on this board...if it wasn't for you I would never have thought to ask my dr. for a Lyme test.You are very passionate about getting the word out about Lyme...and that is Very Much appreciated. ... (40 replies)
... Just go to the top of the page under "Anemia Message Board" and look for "Health Issues", click on that and look for Alzheimer's Disease...there are some very, very knowledgeable people on that board...Martha comes to mind... ... (89 replies)
... Well, we definitely know it is not all in your head!! How very frustrating it is to have doctors who ignore or who dismiss our symptoms and our concerns! And who are not honest with us about their lack of knowledge. ... (40 replies)

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