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... Don't know the exact answer to your question. My Hematologist said to take vitamin C didn't say how much. You can do this with juice, fruit and tabs at the time of iron intake. I wouldn't take a high dose. ... (1 replies)
... That depends on what kind of iron supplement you are taking. ... (10 replies)
... I heard that vitamin c is supposed to help us absorb iron better. Does anyone know if vitamin c helps with the absorption in the ferritin stores or just in the blood? ... (10 replies)

... My most recent hemogram shows that my ferritin is at 0.7, and that scared the pants out of me. I also have low hemoglobin, my serum iron is nearly at normal levels, just a few points below normal. I have to wait for my doctor to come from his medical absence before I can show him the tests. ... (2 replies)
... Nonheme iron comes from other sources. The body absorbs heme iron more easily. Oxalic Acids inhibits the absorption of nonheme iron. Consuming vitamin C with nonheme iron sources helps counter the nonheme iron binding effect of oxalic acid. ... (10 replies)
... in the absorption of Heme iron. Sounds good to me! ... (6 replies)
... That's typical of a GP. The good thing is that you can help yourself and get a proper iron supplement, one with a higher dosage and vitamin C for better absorption. As your ferritin isn't moving upwards fast at all, it's safe to take it for about 3 months and then ask for a retest. ... (10 replies)
... that inhibits iron absorption. ... (10 replies)
... n the 30 range if I recall the comments correctly. It can take a while to reach those levels when the body is depleted, as it doesn't have the luxury of storing iron to increase ferritin reserves when the iron is going to the RBC production the body needs for daily maintenance. ... (6 replies)
... I told him that I am taking my iron pills with orange juice and he said with the Bifera tablets, it probably doesn't matter if I do that or not because of the way these pills work. ... (74 replies)
... Hi, thanks so much for your reply! It does help. I have been this way for nearly two years with digestive issues and my iron has been dropping along with it. ... (6 replies)
... stayed around 2 or 3. My own personal theory is that your body is working overtime trying to keep up the hemoglobin and has depleted it's iron stores in the process.... ... (9 replies)
... My ferriten is low. Tested at 26 in June, and 12 in September. I want to take the best iron supplement. Hence, my question to you. ... (8 replies)
... off of the slow release to a normal ferrous sulphate because the slow release did not seem to be working. I would take two a day, always on an empty stomach with vitamin C. I did not eat any food or drink coffee or tea 2 hours before to 1 hour after I took the supplement. ... (12 replies)
Iron Supplements
Aug 9, 2006
... I've been anemic for the past year and Em is right,take the iron on an empty stomach if you can and have some OJ with it for the Vitamin C. This helps promote absorption of the iron. Also,don't take it with milk or any type of caffeine like coffee or tea. Milk and caffeine will inhibit the absorption. ... (9 replies)
... be it caffeine, tannins or tea, the impact would be greater on the iron because we absorb so little daily and are counteracting it's absorption. This is especially worse if you do not consume Heme form iron. ... (9 replies)
... to gluten. So its important for you to get the colonoscopy. I would do that first before the endoscopy, because of your issues with stools. You literally have no iron in your system. Have you been supplementing with iron? ... (6 replies)
... Many doctors recommend this amount with iron supplements. ... (6 replies)
Iron absorption
Feb 22, 2014
... i I am new to this forum. I have just had tests back and found a ferritin level of 4 and have been given Ferrous Fumerate twice a day from doctor. I take it with Vitamin c and I am wondering if you could help me with the absorption of this iron. ... (2 replies)
... good and what isn't good. Just from what I have read the dark veggies like spinach and collards, beans, lentils, soybeans, raisins, prunes, and cereals that have iron in them. ... (3 replies)

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