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Web in my throat
Oct 26, 2016
... Yes, I had this same thing. Problems swallowing and feeling of large lump in my throat. It was anemia, mainly iron deficiency. This is a symptom that many people, including doctor's, do not know about. Iron deficiency can cause esophageal webbing and it can even be permanent and increases your risk for barrett's esophagitis. (2 replies)
Web in my throat
Mar 11, 2016
... anemia sometimes have what's called a web in the back of their throat and he my love found the problem and thank you my love 4 the real root of my problem the web which when I went to see my hematologist he told me that's what I have. ... (2 replies)
Web in my throat
Nov 10, 2016
... Hi. Yes I have the same as you. Took a few years to be diagnosed with it but I got told it is called Plummer Vinsen Syndrome. A web of tissue forms in your throats that stops you from swallowing properly. It is caused by the iron deficiency, but it also feeds off iron. ... (2 replies)

... diagnosed web . Endoscopy aborted and I was referred for barium swallow instead. ... (6 replies)
... hysterectomy site on the web, other gyns who have natural hormone and nutrition advice on the web for hyperplasia, etc. ... (8 replies)
... The web is like made up of tissue. ... (6 replies)
... For over a year and half I have had an ' obstruction' in my throat. Finally endoscopy revealed a web in my throat, a barium swallow also showed same. ... (6 replies)
... u feel when you say dr thinks your nuts . Imagine mr... 2 years of complaints and the day of dilatation of throat there is nothing !!!! Despite endoscopy showing web and barium showing web. ... (6 replies)
... If people have visualized this web via endoscopy and also seen it via barium xray, how can it suddenly not be there? ... (6 replies)
... However, it can figure into anemic conditions as well, and not be related to liver problems. But further testing is required. The web was not really clear, but what I gathered is that a patient with elevated bilirubin needs to pursue it. ... (8 replies)
Iron level
May 3, 2007
... I don 't know what your dr is talking about, buy any search on the web for the diagnosistics related to iron deficiceny/depletion without anemia, or iron deficiency anemia says that the first indice to fall in a pre anemia situation is the serum ferritin. The Hb does not usually fall until after total iron depletion is reached, beyond the low range, e.g. 9mg/l serum ferritin.... (5 replies)
Iron staining
Mar 30, 2016
... Hello, I had an iron infusion recently and it has left me with permanent staining approx 15cm x 15cm on my inner right arm. It was done manually by a nurse intravenously. I would like to know if anyone else has had significant staining and if you had any successful treatment to remove it. I understand laser can help but cannot find any solid info on the web. I am deeply... (4 replies)
... I've looked up what Iron Saturation means on the web and have no idea what any of the jargon means. Can someone please explain what it means to me in easy to understand terms? ... (3 replies)
... There's just no winning is there, I've already been diagnosed with a stomach ulcer a fair while back and have been taking lansoprazole when taking painkillers for period pain....the mefenamic acid I was given for the period pain is what caused the ulcer so now I'm trying not to take the lansoprazole because that stops the iron being absorbed (from my own web research). Thing... (9 replies)
... urning twinges all over my body at varying times, my eyes are constantly out of focus and ear are ringing . My muscles ache! Yet all the time when I read medical web sites are even see the doctor they just say " you may feel really tired and look pale ' all this does is throw me into doubt that all my symptoms are anemia.. ... (14 replies)
... o check my iron levels because I was tired and my hemoglobin was borderline low. I'm not seeing my doctor for a few weeks but I can access my results through his web site. Mine came out to be 60..Unfortunately it does not say what the range was on his site, so I don't know if this means iron deficiency or not. ... (2 replies)
May 25, 2012
... 32! Without wanting to make you panic, I'd have to suspect a measurement error with a value that low. I'm not even sure you'd still be walking with an Hb that low. Is it possible you have confused it with ferritin? I mean, you give the correct units, so I doubt it, but... that level is REALLY low. Severe anemia, indeed. You must be extraordinarily pale. With a... (2 replies)
May 24, 2012
... Doing some web surfing it would seem I have severe anemia. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I was informed following a routine physical by a nurse that I am mildly anemic on Tuesday 2/14 with no other details. After requesting the doctor call me with more information, he got to me on Friday morning and told me I was mildly anemic with a "number at 36 that should be 39-49." Through research I've determined this to be hematocrit. He suspects it is... (4 replies)
... Before anyone tells you anything you should get advice by a licensed physician and run some labs on you. If your anemic I encourage you to ask your doc to consider a high potency prescription iron supplement - don't waste your time and money on the OTC stuff. There is a popular new prescription liquid iron out called NovaFerrum and don't be concerned about the taste - it has a... (15 replies)

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