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I am a very calm person. I stay quiet a in big groups of people and I'm cooperative. If I don't like someone, I play it cool because I don't feel like wasting my energy.

Though today, I had enough. You see, I have been riding for several years but I switched barns a year ago. Since then, I go whenever I can to help with the stable chores and tacking up ponies for the kids. Everything that is asked of me, I do it. I have an assigned horse and another girl rides her too.

Today was the annual show at the barn and I came yesterday ALL DAY with the sun burning my skin. I helped place all the jumps in the field, cleaned them, ducktaped them and build them. It was exhausting and hard. At the end of the day, my trainer told me I could do the bigger class with my horse and that the other girl could do a smaller one or the same. I was happy with that.

But today, my, trainer decided that I would be doing the smallest class and that the other girl would have fun with the big jumps. I did a jumper class before and it went horrible because the horse wasn't in it yet. The girl gets on her and pouff she's great. So basically, my trainer only wanted me to ride her to warm her up for the other girl.

I was stuck doing miniature jumps with young kids because miss the other girl was doing the bigger class and that ****** me off. I sound crazy but it's not that. I take care of that horse better than her and she always has her; for a week long clinic, she had the horse and I had a guelding who couldn't even jump. The thing is that I work hard while she sits on her *** and only comes for her weekly lessons. I DO EVERYTHING AND SHE JUST COMES TO RIDE. How come I'm the one nobody gives a chance to?! So that's it. I got so angry, I'd had too much in a day and I got so ****** that tears came to my eyes.

Apart from that, I let her use my equipement to ride, when she's done, she pitches it on the ground. And she never cleans the bit of the bridle so every time I get to the tack room, I HAVE TO CLEAN UP HER MESS AND USE MY DIRTY STUFF. I can't say anything because I'll be the jealous snitch.

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