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Welcome to the boards!
Yes, I can relate.
First I want to say, good for you for acknowledging that you have an anger problem.
You are my daughter's age, and if she came for me to advice, this is what I would say to her. I would say that although anger is an emotion, the anger is covering something deeper. It looks and certainly feels like anger, but deep down it could be a myriad of other emotions like shame, like feeling inadequate... I'm sure there are many more.
The body is so amazingly responsive to the brain. I have experienced that with anger, and also with anxiety and depression. What the brain tells us, our bodies experience.
I would tell my daughter to talk to a therapist. It will give you a safe way to figure out what is going on, on the inside, that is making you so explosive on the outside.
For me personally, I am rebellious to authority too and as you know, I am much older than you. I feel powerless and disrespected and I think that especially in men, these emotions can REALLY affect you.
It's a good thing that you are looking for advice and help. I can hear that your behavior is not only hurting your loved ones but it is hurting you too. You have a long life ahead of you, maybe children in the future who need a daddy who will not fly off the handle and make them scared in their own home. So take the time now to get therapy and/or medication, if necessary, to get your emotional life in order. Best wishes to you.

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