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Hello, I am finally talking about my anger/short temper issue that I have been dealing with for some time now..I've been very hesitant about talking about this for a long time now. The reason for that is because I have never been able to find a place to talk to anyone who could possibly understand the way I feel, and talking to people in real life is very hard for me. People can be so judgmental about certain things that are not common for them to deal with and I just didn't know how to approach such a topic like this to someone, now I finally have a chance to find someone I could talk to about this, someone who may understand me and not judge me for being the way I am. I don't want to accept myself for having such a short temper that leads to very angry outburst that make me say horrible things that could cause me to lose someone or something that I care about in my life and having people assume i'm on drugs because of the way I am acting..I just really want to see if someone could take time to talk to me about why I am acting the way I do and what sets me off to cause these outbursts of anger that I can't seem to control..looking at websites about anger and seeing these stupid lists of ways to control or get rid of my anger...a list of ways to help isn't enough...I truly need an actual human being to speak to about this...

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