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My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 months. The first two weeks were great then everything changed. After that I began getting annoyed and angry with him and just picking fights over anything.

Like last night for example. He said he was leaving work after his shift was complete and was heading home and would contact me when he got there. Well about an hour later he contacts me and didn't even tell me he went to a friend's house. Didnt even mention he wasn't at home until I asked him how he had money to drink when I knew he didnt have money. He said so and so got him a drink and I was upset because he did not mention he didn't go straight home until after I asked how he had money for a drink. He got defensive and was like "have you ever changed your mind occasionally?" Yes but you didn't mention you weren't home until I asked how you got the drink.

I also got upset because his friend he was hanging out with has an on again, off again relationship with this woman and it bothered me he was hanging out with both of them because I introduced his friend to one of my friends in the hopes that he'd move on and meet someone better. When he is in a relationship with the woman I mentioned, they fight a lot and have drama. Well I guess him and my friend aren't talking and I feel bad because I look like a jerk. It makes me upset that he was "catching" up with his friend and this woman because it seems like he supports them being together. My boyfriend said he had no issues with her, even though he tells his friend to stop seeing this woman. My boyfriend won't see eye to eye with me on this. He said it's not his business and that he didn't understand why I was upset with him over it. These are just examples of me picking fights, but I don't think I'm entirely wrong.

I do think when we aren't together that I get jealous cause he hangs out with other people because I get upset over it and maybe that's why he doesn't tell me things right away. We fight almost all the time when we aren't together. I want the fighting to stop and so does he but in my head I feel it's justified for me to get upset, even when I feel I shouldn't be upset and that it's not worth being stressed out over.

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