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17 years is a long time to be married nowadays. congrats. my husband is my second and my children (son-22,daughter-17) are his stepchildren. my son now lives with a girl because he hates living with my husband. his choice i guess. i've done everything i could to raise him right. he's a very angry young man also. was involved with drugs for a while (another board) until i stepped in and drove him to a meth clinic everyday for 8 months until he weaned off of it.(H) anyway, he feels like if he doesn't have to work,then why should he? the girl and her parents support him and he's fine with it. my husband is livid. who could blame him i guess. the thing is though, my husband grew up alot different than my children and i did. (i basically grew up with my kids) he doesn't try to see other people's point of view on anything, because he has all the answers, and if he doesn't, he sure knows how to aquire them. i do love him, but sometimes he gets crazy over some really stupid s***. i could go on and on about things he gets mad over, but the point is, i leave him alone until he cools off then go tell him how ridiculous i thinks he's been. i try to help him see my views on things and how different we were both raised being the reason i let alot of things slide.
maybe what is wrong with your husband is he feels he doesn't get appreciated enough by others in the house. i know when i remind my husband how glad i am that we're living the rest of our lives together and that he's a big help to me and my kids, he softens up and things are smooth until the next time. let him know how you feel about things. the last poster was right also. there could be some underlying reasons for his anger. keep me posted. i love giving my opinion.

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