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Nov 25, 2003
i usually post on the depression one, but i have this problem with anger management and i really dont know what to do... i had since i was little...but i used to see a counselor then, though i didnt want to... but it really didnt help... i would attack my siblings, start fights with them by pusing them, even when it want their fault, even hurt myself, alot... once i got going there was nothing that would stop me... and now that i am on college, its down to the point where i have been wanting to commit suicide... i would get so angry i had to throw things to prevent myself from hitting others, i try to count, it doesnt work... i then start to curse... and now i am to the point where i am taking sleeping pills to tire myself out... it just seems like if i am not depressed, i am angry... sometimes they foolow right after eachother... just today, my computer was messing up and i was taking it out on my roomate... i had to grab the desk in order to keep my self from hitting the screen... i left the room, i needed to get out... it seems to get worse when i am stressed... and uncontrollable at times... what can i do to stop this??? i have had enough!!!

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