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Hey all,

Don't know if this helps or not but here are some items to consider.
- hormonal changes can affect how we interpret things around us,
- new experiences and challenges excite us, the possibility of things interfering with our own pleasures may make us angry.
- how have we dealt with anger before, is this a new experience.
- how is our stress factors, changes at home, school, work, friends - increased / decreased.
- how do we feel about ourselves. Self Esteem. Are we comfortable with ourselves; if not, then many things may appear a threat.
- chemical imbalances / ADD / ADHD / neurological problems ODD, etc.
- prespective of life in general. Do you expect the world to revolve around you, or are you wanting to offer something to the world. The first type of thinking may get you frustrated a lot.

There may be many factors. The school can be a good place to go , but you may want to speak to some friends for recommendations to a trusted adult.

Believe it or not, but they can offer some really great advise / suggestions.


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