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Hi, im a boy the same age as him,
lately i find myself becoming very angry, i really dunno what its over, usually i get mad when im not allowed do something without getting a good reason or no reason, for example,i want to go to my friends house, my mam wont leave me and dosnt give me a good reason why i cant.

He could also be under alot of pressure, between school,friends, work...etc. i think it is normal for any mid-teen to get angry!

my suggestion (mightnt mean much to you seen as im the same age as your son (",) :: i think you should just look at it from his point of view, give him a proper reason why he cannot do things, then he will start looking at it from your point. He will understand why he is not allowed ' go to a friends house'

so thats all i can say really,
hope it helps, best of luck.
no prob,

i had a fight with my parents last night, it was 12 o clock,im sick so didnt have to go to school the next morning,i was on the internet chattin / playing games.etc, when my mam kept telling me to turn off the computer,i kept asking her why. she gave me no reason, she just said 'you can stay up and watch tv but turn that off'
There was no point, after about 5 minutes, i lost. ended up the computer in bed (very angry)

but as you said, thats not the reason your son is angry. it could be he's worried about something or stressed with something, usually school or friends.
???? :o/

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