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I love these shows and if he's just truly fascinated by them, that's one thing. But the way it came across was like he was looking for ways to get away with stuff.
I'm assuming you read my post then on the will he cross the line thread. I was the original starter, but asked for a name change...harder for my family members to figure out!! LOL You can see in the thread that my husband was not always a rager but that it spiralled quickly out of control. Is this what you're talking about?
I would also suggest you look up the signs of an abuser. There's many. I did this and it was reassuring just to know that he only had problems with maybe 3 out of 25 signs of an abuser. His turned out more to be a rage disorder. My take on it was he didn't know how to communicate what he was feeling and when he tried, he would get tongue tied and get even more angry.
Part of it I think was intimidation, because I'd rather just let him leave or whatever than put up with his attitude....basically an immature way to say I need a break or I want to.......When all it would have taken was speaking up.
Have you got anything else that's sending up red flags??? Even stuff that triggers a fear response but not the understanding of why it's been triggered?

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