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Haney i know what you mean about her living the life that should have been yours.Im faced with that reality everytime she tells me about something new that shes bought.But you have to remember your sister was young ,and we do stupid things sometimes when we're young.When we are young we live for the here and now.And dont see how our choices will effect our future later on in life.Being that you have not talked to your sister since this incident you have no idea what she might say.Dont you think its time to find out the whys?Its up to you to make the first move.Remember your the older more mature adult.At least you have the consolation that your child has her father in her life.My son wasnt so lucky,his father lives about 15 mins away from where he is,not once has he made any attempt to stop and see how he is.Sure he sends my son guilt money on xmas ,but that not making up to my son for his fathers lack of caring.Most of the time he acts as if my son doesnt exist .Thats when i seem to have a problem with forgiviness,when i see what its done to my son.I am grateful he has inherited his fathers intelligence , but i hope my son has also inherited my compassionate spirit. My son is an angry young man ,hes 24 now.My sister has every possible thing a person could want.But yet she suffers from depression , anxiety she has hardly any friends except me.Her daughter from the unplanned pregnancy with my husband,left her bitter and hard to show emotion toward other ppl.Not only that it has led to a severing of ties with her daughter.Its ironic that her daughter calls me mom ,and comes to me for affection.I cant tell you how it feels for me to be confronted to my face in seeing my niece the product of that union evey week.But im mature enough to understand that she had nothing to do with what her father and mother did.Sometimes it is hard to except the fact that my sister will someday inherit along wth my ex husband a great deal of money.My ex father in law is a very weathly man.Thats when i have to grab a hold of myself and say,remember material things are not the most important things in life.For me its peace of mind ,heart ,and a clear conscience.Dont listen to anyone,just follow your heart,if you love your sister like you say you do.Dont try to rationalize Just follow your heart.God bless you.

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