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Most of my school years I was never popular and the only year I hung out with popular people were fourth and a little bit of fifth. The only reason I did was because i was friends with one girl who happened to be popular. I didnt feel like hanging out with the girl and her "popular friends" cuz they were to mean to people and stuff. I always stayed friends with my old friends who acutually were considered nerdy or geeky, but after awhile I completely stopped being freinds with the popular girl. Anyways, i went to a sox game with my one friend for her birthday and one of the things her mom bought us were baseball bat pens. I brought them to school one day and they dropped on the floor. I noticed that the kid behind me had the same pens and i knew that he had taken them for me. I was always quiet in school when not around my freinds, but I wasnt going to let this kid think he could just take them from me. When I told him they were mine and asked for them back nicely he wouldnt give them back. This isnt a big deal now to me obviously, but this is when the bulling started. The same day, I had a bald spot on my head which as a dumb kid I did myself. He called me baldy the next few days and I thought it would stop, but it didnt. Basically he made all of sixth and seventh grade and part of 8th grade miserable. He not only bullied me, but he got two of his friends to start bulling me and whoever else wanted to be mean to me. They really had fun teasing me in gym, but even in class when I was taking tests and just whenever. It was really bad cuz they were in practically every class as me and usually were assingned to sit by me. I remember one time one of the kids threw a basketball at the back of my head and right after 2 of the other people kept yelling in my ears. I also remember a time when i let the main bullie, eric see me cry. That was a total mistake! He didnt even care and then he kept telling me to cry all the time. i did cry all the time, but at home. I didnt know it then, but I was probably going through a depression. It didnt help that my only really good friend was always grounded and that my sister was never home to make me feel better. Not her fault though. She had a boyfriend. I felt like my only friends were my mom and my parakeet. Pretty pathetic huh? Any ways theres so many mean things that the bullies did and mostof the girls in school were bitches. Everyone was mean to me and some of my friends were mistreated as well, but not as much. When I think back on it, although it was many years ago cuz im now 18, I get so angry and wish there was a way to get them back. My mom always said what comes around goes around. That doesnt make sense to me though cuz i never teased anyone, and I still got teasd. What if these bullies never have what happened to me and my friends happen to them? I always wanted them to die and stuff when i was in eighth grade or a freshman or something. I didnt mean it, but I hated these horrible *******s and I mainly hated them cuz I never did anything to them or anything to deserve it. I was too nice. I should of kicked the **** out of them. Sorry angry... One moment that i cant forget is when one kid made fun of my chest embarrasing me. So how do I make myself feel better and not hate these people? answers would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for such a long story but I was venting a bit. :)

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