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Hey, I know exactlly how you feel.
My boyfriend and I went through the same thing.
I found it funny how oneday, he was total slob. And then over night he changed. He was taking better care of himself, dressing nicer etc.
So, I started thinking, he was cheating on me, or trying to impress someone.
After tons of fights, I just asked him, "what's with the change?"
All he said was, "I don't want you to get bored with me."
It had nothing to do with other girls, it had to do with me.

So if you and your man, are totally, 100% for each other, I wouldn't worry.
There a lot worse things to get mad over.
Don't worry about these other "little girls" looking at your man.
They just want what they can't have. It's jeaoulsy, on their part.
You're one who's hand he's holding when they stare at him.

And think of it this way, maybe they're not even looking at him...Maybe they want you. Stranger things have happened.

One more piece of advice,
if he's going to cheat on you, there's nothing you can do.
If you keep getting on his case about all these girls, you'll just push him away.
Just have fun together.


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