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My brother has something similar to this. Actually, the way it was explained to him was, when he became angry or upset his brain over produced a certain hormone and he would become uncontrollable (with his anger). This began happening in high school and my parents sought help for him. He is now happily married with a baby on the way! He also takes Celexa and exercises as much as he can! He is a completely different person.

I am afraid my son may have something like this. He is only four years old, but when he gets frustrated or something does not go his way, he literally goes into a rage. I realize children throw tantrums...I have a five and one year old, but his reactions are different. I also have a degree in childhood developement and education and have studied a little on this topic- I am terribly concerned about his behavior and don't know quite what to do. Right now, we are just waiting to see if it is a problem or something we can work through and he will outgrow!

Interesting, huh?
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