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Re: WHy am I angry?
Mar 13, 2004
[QUOTE=mycatsmom]Dear Jxlvr,
I know EXACTLY how you feel. Probably a lot of other people on this board do, too. I've felt angry & irritable, often for no apparent reason, on & off since my teen years (I'm 43). I thought I'd found the solution when I found an antidepressant that made me feel much more mellow. The anger just went away. But lately it seems to have stopped working. I'm back to that old feeling of wanting to choke people to death (not literally, but you know what I mean). I'm on the verge of quitting my job. And I don't know what the solution is -- ask the dr for a stronger dose of this antidepressant? Try a different antidepressant? Try therapy?

Many, many years ago my mom had a similar problem as you, Jxlvr, where she just couldn't stand having her kids or husband around her, she felt so angry & irritable. Her problem turned out to be low estrogen levels. She said that once she went on estrogen replacement therapy she felt like a new person. I know that's not what my problem is because I've had my hormone levels checked & they're normal. But it might be something for you to consider Jxlvr. If it's not a hormonal problem, then an antidepressant might help. Though, as I've learned, they tend to lose their effectiveness over time. Some people swear by therapy but I've never tried it myself.

Anyway, I hope you'll find the help you need, Jxlvr. It's miserable feeling angry at the world all the time. Please keep us updated on how you're doing![/QUOTE]

Thanks for replying. Today is a bad day until I leave for work. I work at 2pm. I took my kids to a birthday party and was annoyed at their voices the whole time in the car. When we got hom i told them to just go outside until I leave for work. I even told my husband to stay away from me to give me a little time to relax. I hate this feeling. I get really stressed and its not fair to them. I also have my father in law living with us and he drives me up a wall lol. The people at work wouldnt believe me if i ever told them i was miserable because at work i seem to hide it well. I will make an appointment monday to talk to my doc because you may be right( I hope you are) about the low estrogen level. I cant stop[ thinking about not having enough time for stuff. My mind is on overdrive LOL. well thanks again, keep in touch to let me know how your doing.

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