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Very angry
Mar 13, 2004
i feel that im angry at all my fmily and my ex....i was diagnosed with an illness 4 years ago but was ill a long time before that. Everyone kept telling me "it was all in my head" or i was "putting it on"...i was told to give myself a shake or a kick and get on with things...i gradually became more ill and went to hospital for tests and was diagnosed with an illness.
By this time i was so angry at my family that it was a case of sticking two fingers up at them and saying told you so but it was not that easy for me. About a year ago i kind of lost the plot completley and told them all what i thought of them and i solit with my childs dad, this hasnt made me feel any better and i still carry this chip on my shoulder i get so angry at times.i am now with a new partner and he understands totally how i feel but i also feel myself getting very angry at him and snapping for no reason. i have spoken to professionals and all they say is i know how you feel....well that is no use to me. i want to put the past in the past and get on with the future but its so hard.i cannot deal with this anger alone.
Re: Very angry
Mar 13, 2004
i dont smoke but i do take valium does the same job m8 but im still angry bout things

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