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Re: Angry Husband!
Jun 1, 2004
I sound just like your husband. I treat my fiance like crap...Anything I can do to belittle her...She is too fat, her accent bugs me, her hair is not right, she don't fix herself up, we never have sex...I just constantly nag and ***** at her about everything and I get angry out of nowhere sometimes grabbing her and kind of lightly pushing her. I hate myself for doing those things and I can't control it...I have tried tons of different medications to control my behavior. She sticks with me for whatever reason because most of the time I am pretty decent guy. I am really trying to change my behavior, go to therapy, take anger management classes and just figure out what the hell is going on inside me to make me act that way. She really is an awesome person but I will do everything I can to treat her like crap and push her away from me. She will never be the person I want her to be...There is always someone else that is better (the grass is greener). I feel for you and I also feel for your husband. I hope he knows he has a problem and tries to get help. I hope I change for not just my sake but for my soon to be wife. She really does not deserve to be treated that way at all. I know she won't put up with it much longer so I really have no choice but to change or risk losing her. I am irrational and a jerk and I know it---its just frustrating to not know why you are like that.

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