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my boyfriend just got back from Iraq after being gone 6 months. We were only together for 3 months or so before he got deployed. He seems to be less in love with me, since his return? Does that make any sense? We fel into love much deeper that we expected during this time apart and I really fel for him with his dear words of encouragement and words of love for me and his usuall expressiveness with me while he was away. I am a single parent a bit older than him with a stable career and he seems to be so happy with me, but enjoys the slow pace of our relationship. I am ready to settle down and it shows. But I do give him his space as he does me. But now the expressiveness has somewhat faded. I feel as though I have to reach out to him and show and express my affection (verbally) and sense of missing him since his departure than him. Although he is openly affectionnate in person. He is just not very "girly" with me as he was when he was gone in Iraq. He does not respond to my enduring love notes and sometimes when I speak about myself he quickly cuts me off and talks about himself as though I should turn the spotlight on him. I recently approached him about how hard it was having him be gone since we just knew we had finally found the right "mate". He responded by asking if I was deliberatly trying to make him feel bad. I just wanted him to tell me he loved and missed me as much as I did him. Where is this man I fel in love with gone? His response to his lack of returning the text messages of love and such is that he is usually busy. Am I fishing,. or what should I expect from his as far as behavior for the next few weeks now that he is back from the war? He has only been back 6 days.

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