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my husband wakes me up in the middle of the night telling me to stop grinding my teeth. i think this is a result of supressed anger

i am a homemaker. i have 2 kids under the age of 2 and i dont have a licence and i live in a small town with lots of highways and not much public transportation. i dont leave the house much except for the walk in good weather.

i keep telling my husband i need something, need to get away from the kids. i yell alot, at the kids sometimes but mostly at my husband. i told him i wanted to take up kick boxing but he said he would train me. lol if i could get him off the computer long enough. he also said i need to be fit and told me to do 5 push ups. i couldnt. i just want to get this rage out! i feel like i am going to explode!

this is really effecting my marrige because we fight alot. it usually starts because he does something, i yell at him, he tells me to stop yelling at him and it doesnt get resolved so i stay angry. then he tryes to have sex with me and i am still angry with him so we get into another fight, he tells me to stop yelling at him and it doesnt get resolved...ect. when i try to talk to him without yelling he tells me he will do better next time or he brings up what i am doing wrong, or he tells me thats the way he is and it isnt going to change.

i feel really guilty about yelling at him. this cant be all my fault. i told him i wanted to see a marage councler but he doesnt trust anyone in the psychology feild. i told him we should get someone to mediate while we get everything out and solve our problems but he said ok i know someone but that was 2 weeks ago and havent seen this person yet.

something needs to change i am not happy. but he is so stubborn.

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