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I need help!
Apr 21, 2004
When I get mad I lash out at anyone and everyone. I beat the crap out of people who love me and try to help me. When I get mad I always have to break stuff.. and that stuff has to be expensive. I do these things without thinking.. until it is too late and the damage is done. How can this be prevented? I know people have told me to take deep breathes when you sense this is about to happen, but once my mind-set is in 'anger' mode I can't do anything about it.. I have to almost not get into an agrument or not get mad at all.. I got into a huge fight with my boyfriend one time and I started beating him and after it was done I felt so bad. I never wanted to hurt him.. ever.. this has made me decide to post this here about my problem. I don't want to do this anymore to anyone.. no one deserves this..

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