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I am very angry!
May 3, 2004
I am so angry all the time! I am married and have 3 kids and 1 on the way, and my dad moved in with us 6 months ago. There is not enough room in this house for all of us, and I feel like packing up my kids and moving ,just to get away. I am angry at my husband because he goes to work in the morning, comes home around 6pm, eats and goes on the computer the rest of the night. I tell him he needs to spend more attention to me and the kids, but he says he works all day and this is his only free time to go on the computer. So needless to say, I am with the kid from 6am till they go to bed around 8 pm. Then I am so tired I go to bed by 9pm. What a life! I am also mad because my dad is living here and this house is just not big enough for all of us. You think he'd get the hint and move out! I am just really starting to hate men! Also we can never get caught up on bills, it is driving me crazy! We never have money and I live near my sister, who is loaded, but she never offers a dime. She is "selectively giving" shall I put it. If you ask her for money she will look at you like you're from another planet. I am really starting to hate life.Thanks for listening!
I think your hubby is probably not happy with your housing situation and he is using the computer as a means of escape. You haven't been too forthcoming on why your father is living with you. Is it financial reasons?is he ill in some way? The stress of having your father living there is taking a toll on your marriage in my opinion. I think you and your hubby need some "down" time. Time to just be together even if you aren't doing anything. If money is a major consideration, ask someone to watch your children for a weekend and tell your father he will have to go stay somewhere else for the weekend. Of course, if your father is ill in some way, then maybe there is another family member who would be willing to let him stay with them for a few days. I know you are stressed with the situation. Please don't allow the anger you are feeling toward your husband escalate any further, all you will succeed in doing is driving him further away. If the reason he is on the computer all this time is to escape his living situation, he will be very susceptible to "greener pastures".

What is your husband doing on the computer?games?chat? I would be concerned about "what" he is doing more than how long he is doing it. If he is doing online gaming, more than likely he is just trying to escape the pressure of the living arrangements. Did he do this before your father moved in? or is this something new?

Good Luck.

God Bless,
Sherry :wave:
It sounds like you may have had problems before your Dad came in. I know it is hard on you with the extra work. I am assuming your father gives you financial help for his stay. If not, you need to ask him for money to help out with groceries. And someone suggested him babysitting which sounds good if hubby wants to go out.
I would be concerned with his time on the computer also. He is neglecting you and you showed your anger about it. Hopefully he will take the hint and look towards you a little more. Your right, you don't get a day off and your entitled! Frustration of your husband ignoring you is being thrust at your dad and you all need to sit down and have a chat, and not on the computer! Good luck

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