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Hi Everyone,

I am going to go off on a tangent on this reply..but I act the exact same way with my boyfriend and this had never happened to me in the past, in any of my other relationships. He acts the same way that you act with your boyfriend, and he tells me that i have a problem and i accept this 100% ( or at least i started believing it, i would never had thought that i had a problem b/c this had never happened before with any othe rpast relationships). I have tons of emotional baggage that i know i have repressed and refused to deal with it b/c i want to be a functioning normal person ( i was physically and sexually abused as a child and was raised in a very unloving environment) he is aware of all of this but here is MY problem: I don't think that its right of him to tell me that i am 25 years old and need to get over it.
or that everything that is wrong in the relationship is my fault...i think that there has to be something that he does to trigger this..and lastly that he yells these things to me over and over whenever we try to discuss it.

I love him to death and i know he loves me too and would like to make this relationship work..but i dont know if it just might be healthier for the two of us to break it off or try and make deal with the issues together...

I am seeing a therapist next week to see how i can find answers or help etc...but at the moment i am going nuts b/c i feel as if i a turning into this monster who i don't recognize

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