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Ya know, your boyfriend sounds a lot like me. I was shouting at my boyfriend, calling him names, stomping my feet, crying histerically over the stupidest fights. I went to see a councelor, found out that I had depression.

Rage and irritibility are signs of depression, you don't have to necessarily be down in the dumbs all the time to be diagnosed with depression.

I had a lot of suppressed feelings from my childhood that I never dealt with and suppression caused my depression and anger.

I suggest seeing a councelor/psychologist - I was put on Effexor (anti-depressant) and my anger/rage totally went away.

I know what your boyfriend is going through, I felt TERRIBLY guilty and sad after things calmed down. I know what he means by the uncontrollable switch...i had no control over's like shaking a soda can and it squirting everywhere when you open it up.

Good luck.

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