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My BF and I live together. I love him more than anything..he is my best friend. BUT, when we argue, he turns into a monster. He says a switch goes off and he turns into a different man. He tells me to move out, screams, breaks things, really just flips the hell out. He becomes completely irrational, and even the smalledst disagreements can last for hours. It is emotionally draining for each of us. Afterwards, after he calms down, he feels terrible. He beats himself up terribly. I am sure this is sounding all too familiar to anyone who reads this..I'm sure it's very typical behavior for an angry person. He had an ideal childhood (except biological dad was a monster that tried to kill him mom while she was pregnant with her), he never ever had any contact with him. He was adopted by his moms new husband when he was 3, and he is the most wonderful dad any kid could have ever hoped for.

I keeop telling him that he has unresolved feelings toward his natural dad combined with some "anger genes" that were probably passed on to him.

I will not leave him over this. I will do whatever it takes to help him. He is my soulmate and he has a problem. He is 100% aware that he has a problem and will do whatever it takes to correct it.

Can meds help? If so, please tell me what can help, how much you take, etc. I am trying to research this as much as possible, and ANY input would be so incredibly appreciated..esp. the possibility of a med helping his anger. Is counseling better?

Please help me...I don't know what else to do.

Thank you so much for your help....
Cathy and Travis

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