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Hey everyone, I'm new to this board but I'm from the OCD board, Self-injury board and i posted one the depression I'm all over the place lol

but on a serious note, I have found that im just very angry inside myself because in life i try to be the kind one, im shy, not that outspoken to other on my feelings about what they might do, or say etc. well I had this " friend " so i thought but she played she was innocent for so long she messe daround with my boyfriend blamed it on him when she had part in it also and then tells me she wants to help me. she gets mad at me for speaking my mind which was not rude of me.

Then knowing symptoms of the illness i have she puts on a scary movie knowing i cant handle that stuff and tells me to cover my head, then if she does not get want she wants she throws a fit and she was very negative selfish the list does go on

I have been in bad relationships where i was used in many ways. and have 2 dad's that i dont feel connected to has a duaghter. my childhood i was always scared of my father and as i grow up he was perverted to me.

I have a cosuin that choked me, would say mean things to me. Sheherself is very angry but my point is all these people walk all over me and its ok because im so shy and kind they think they can get away with it this si all my past though.

I have OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder ) and i can't control my own mind i get all the time these bad intrusive thoughts that are always bothering me, confusing me, upsetting me. causing me alot of distress its the biggest fight of my life and i have yet to overcome it i have been dealing with this forever it seems. when will i ever control my mind its agaisnt me.

I self injure myself either because im very upset or for attention i guess or just because im obsessing on it I just find my anger surfaces im just so tried and angry inside and dont know how to handle my anger sometimes just tired thanks again forlsitening God bless everyone (( hugs )) :angel:

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