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Hi again

I just thought I'd post this on this post, I'm so mad lately because of this stupid illness I have I can't make it shut the crap up and it angers me so much I lash out on the one thing I should not but when that rage builds up inside of me I don't know what to do its like I don't care im going to say it if i want too ( cuss words )) and i feel like hitting things dang its like go the crap away OCD and leave me alone, i have got a life to live I have NO MORE time for this illness inside my life its MY LIFE, MINE, MINE, AND ONLY MINE AND GOD'S... I want to sleep last night but nooooooo i have to be preoccupied with unwanted thoughts this makes my life suck i dont like earth its just a piece of crap filled with ton of messes and its runing my life..i know i could be happy but that word likes to hide its meaning from me all the time so what does the word " happiness "" really mean, I dont know, why would I not knoow ? because it hides from me all the freaking time, I need more help then I get I cant continue to fight a stupid problem inside my mind by myself I hate this I'm all confused sometimes and Its a horrible feeling, I cant seem to step out of this personal hell spot im stuck in cant keep going like this but im not reallly living i just exist life has got me so afraid of everything and im freaking mad, thanks so m uch everyone for letting me vent God bless u all always

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