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Has his glucose levels ever been checked? Someone who is an undiagnosed Type II diabetic will go through a roller coaster of blood sugar highs and lows with rage as one of the main symptoms.

My husband started going through these rages about 1980 and only ended in 1994 when he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. But this was probably happening even earlier....he did have a temper at times but it got worse over the years. He used to get into fits over little things and it was like walking on eggshells when he would get up in the mornings angry or over nothing it seemed. He was a "thrower"....not at me or the kids, just things out into the yard to "make a point".

What is his diet like? Mine would crave sweets afterwhile...would eat a whole package of sweetcakes himself...then go to sleep. He was a big "meat and potatoes" kind of eater too. Did not believe "rabbitfood" would help his weight as it went up to 300 after being about 240 for years. He is a traditional, historical blacksmith/swordmaker and had plenty of muscle from that. But his diet was largely pasta and meat.

He still has a temper but it is nothing like it was before. Recognizes not eating in the mornings or during the day (gets so focused on his work) can make him angry. He is also one of those type "A" personalities too. But he has learned to lessen stress levels as well.

At least one consideration to think about.

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